Client: Ina-Jane, Cape Town

by Ina-Jane Menge
(Cape Town, South Africs)

Hi there, Myself and my husband have been going through a bit of a tough time the last 18 months due to a family member (my mother in law) dragging us from one court case to the next, my husband had a very hard upbringing and sue to that is angry in general but this has added to his anger, and mine too all though i have a good mindset and i try my best to not let bad times get the better of me and i try and find the positive in it all. We have not had any chance to have some couple time and i feel that all though this has made us stronger, we have lost the spark in our marriage, we have 2 kids as well and between court cases, kids and their school, our jobs and my studies, we need to just reconnect again and find the us in all this.
Would someone be able to assist.
Thank you

Ina-Jane Menge

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