Client: Lebogang, Johannesburg Gauteng

I realised that there is something missing inside of me, for a very long time infect ever since I was conscious of my life. That I am just floating and I have no idea who I am, my whole life I have been living other people's lives and following theirs believes and values. I struggled for a very long time not knowing what was missing in my life. 

 I am a 26 year old female a graduate in psychology I went into this field of study because I am intrigued by human social dynamics, human behaviour,habits and mostly positive psychology. I am not living a life that is destructive to me and  others, I am a very humble and obedient person. A have a daughter whom I love and I believe I am a good mother to. I don't go out of my way to drink or party I love and live a very quite life.

However I am a very unhappy person,I do things blindly with no passion,  I start things and never finish them, my life is led by fear, I don't believe in myself and abilities. For a very long time I lived a life of self pity, feeling sorry for myself and playing the victim card always.

It was just recently that I discovered to core to my problems because a friend of mine who was a stranger at that time asked me WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE. I then realised that I actually don't know what is my purpose let alone know who I am! 

I have then started the journey of self discovery and I would love to find a life coach within your organisation. Please kindly send me all the necessary information on how to get a life coach in your organisation. I would also love to attend seminars hosted by your life coaching organisation.

Hoping to hear from you

Kind regards 

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