Client: Thato Manganye, Atteridgeville, Pretoria

Hello Everyone!Im Thato Robert Manganye...twenty five years of age,What interests Me is that Im looking to Find Help in coaching. Im quite optimistic and enthusiatic(Smiling while typing This) and quite open to change!

Recently I've undergone major changes in my life as I've gone into a sales position After Some time not receiving any income.I LoOOve The Work That I do, As I get to interact with people Of all types & races(Not Forgetting the rewards It Comes With,$).

Now...I've found that One really needs to stay motivated in this field. I do enjoy the constant motivational Procedure,As I read Motivational Literature, I've Recently decided to upgrade My relationships(cutting those Not beneficial/Goal orientated) Its hard!I'm in a sales position that requires me to be self reliant Alot(I have no problem with that)Though I know that I work better in a pair/team/Group,Im a LIBRA and sometimes I feel that i can get complacent and loose sight of my goal...

I believe I have What it takes to Achieve the desired results i require...I Just require someone that'll steer me In all the right fundamentals and strategies that Life Coaching can Provide!i Want the people Around Me to Be happy and secure,as also I want for myself..PLEASE HELP!Thank You.

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