Trainee: Chantell, East London

by Chantell
(East London)

I am a New Insights Trainee PRO Coach and have reached the stage in my certification process where I am needing practice clients.

While I have not yet identified a niche in my coaching practice, some of my past experience includes: I am a divorced mother of two, a survivor of an abusive marriage, an owner of a successful business and the HR Manager for a large manufacturing concern. I believe firmly in the power of life-long learning and believe that all things are possible, but sometimes we just need someone to help us see the path through the forest.
If you feel that I might be able to assist you with some of the challenges you are facing I would be deeply honoured and thankful for your trust.

I coach via Skype so distance is not an issue.
Please contact me at

Warm regards
Chantell Vermaak-Johnson

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