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Insights: 2012 - End or Beginning?
October 21, 2008

2012: End or Beginning?

Do you ever go into a bookshop and find one book in particular that ‘jumps out’ at you, a book that you feel compelled to buy?

It’s happened to me on a number of occasions, the most recent being Friday last week.

It started with a book

Before I mention it, let me share with you that my own personal transformation – I’m tempted to call it ‘spiritual transformation’ but some people may attach incorrect connotations to this – started with a book.

This wasn’t a self-development book as you may be thinking. It was a book called ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ by Graham Hancock which explored evidence for a mysterious lost civilization that, by all accounts, if it existed, seemed even more technologically advanced than our own.

I didn’t choose the book. My wife brought it home from the library on a whim, thinking that it would appeal to me. Needless to say, it did, in a big way! In fact, it had a profound effect on the way I looked at things. It served to open my mind and set me on a quest for my own understanding of the mysteries and meaning of life.

Somewhat surprisingly, I had never been much of a book reader until that day. I still don’t read a lot of books. I tend to have reading ‘spurts’ and I’m pretty selective about what I read. But I have a huge appreciation for the value of well-written works on subjects that interest me.

A lost civilisation

In Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock journeys to all parts of the world to gather clues that point towards the existence of a ‘lost’ civilisation. In Central America and Mexico his journey leads him to an in-depth look at the Mayan people whose history spans 3000 years between 2000BC and 1500AD.

The Mayans were remarkably accomplished mathematicians and are probably best known for their very sophisticated and highly accurate calendrical system, incorporating the so-called ‘Long Count’.

The end of a Great Cycle?

The Mayans believed that time could be divided into Great Cycles that involved successive creations and destructions of the world. According to the Maya the current, or fifth – and in their view, somewhat disturbingly, the final - Great Cycle in which we now live, began on 13th August 3114BC and will end on 23rd December 2012.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Mayan calendar and where such a sophisticated and precise device could have originated from. Perhaps even more intriguing, though, is the notion that - at least according to the Mayan people - our world is supposedly due to end in late 2012!

This thought has played in the back of my mind since I first read Hancock’s outstanding work in 1999.

Catastrophe or Ecstasy?

Last Friday a book called Beyond 2012 - Catastrophe or Ecstasy, by Geoff Stray, jumped out at me and into my shopping basket!

To be honest it’s not the easiest read but that’s because the author is meticulous about presenting his material in a completely fair, rational and objective way – so there’s lots of reported facts.

The fascinating thing about Stray’s work is that he exposes evidence that the belief that some major event or transition will occur in 2012, derives not just from the Mayans, but from all manner of religions and ancient cultures worldwide, including our very own Zulus!

Stray also presents credible evidence that the ‘event’ that is scheduled for late 2012 may not be a cataclysm that physically destroys our world but rather the completion of a transformation in human consciousness that spells an end to the world as we currently know it (a transformation that many agree started in the 1990s).

On Sunday I spent time reflecting on parts of the book that I had already delved into and the references to this transformative period that is supposedly well advanced.

A time of change

What struck me is how difficult it would be for even the most ardent sceptic to argue, with any merit, against the fact that major changes are taking place in our world right now!

Our climate is changing and changing rapidly. That much has been scientifically proven. Seismic, solar and geomagnetic activity on the planet has also been proven to be increasing. The world order, as we have become accustomed to it, is changing fast - brought on partly by the current global financial crisis and the rise to power of China.

And, at least as I see it, humanity as a whole is experiencing a marked increase in spiritual awareness and search for alternative meaning as people contemplate the changes that are taking place and the superficial nature of the happiness that comes from the accumulation of material things.

Evolution of human consciousness

So, to my mind – and indeed in my own limited personal experience – there is a significant period of evolution of consciousness occurring right now.

Whether this is related to the various 2012 predictions and whether the Mayan beliefs are founded in truth, we shall have to wait and see.

But how does all of this relate to life coaching? Here’s my view:

Life coaching has, of course, been around for millennia if you look at the concept in the very broadest sense. However, life coaching as a discipline involving a structured process to help people realize their true potential, has only been with us since the mid to late 1990s.

Is it mere coincidence that this practice sprang up shortly after the onset of what many agree is a period of rapid transformation in human consciousness?

I don’t think so.

Students and teachers

Expedition of the transformation of our species requires sufficient change agents - people who have experienced and who can teach personal transformation.

Every life coach is both a student and a teacher of personal development and life transformation and is therefore perfectly equipped to be such a change agent.

At New Insights we know that to thrive in today’s world we need to reinvent ourselves, to liberate ourselves from our own self-imposed mental shackles and live the life of joy that was intended for us.

If you feel you have a calling to help transform society, starting with yourself, then I invite you to train with New Insights to become a certified life coach and live a life of fulfillment helping others to find personal freedom, confidence and growth.

Our programme is designed to be powerful yet affordable and flexible enabling you to study from home in your time as and when it suits you.


If so, I'd love to hear from you. Why not contact me today?

With warm regards


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