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Insights: Vitality
November 05, 2008


I guess I can count myself as fortunate. I rarely struggle with serious ‘writer’s block’.

But I do admit to having days where my attention is too distracted to do the right amount of justice to a newsletter.

Yesterday was one of those days. Normally I would find that frustrating but in this instance the distraction was positive - relating to the amount going on at New Insights Africa.

The benefit to you, dear reader, is that your regular inspiration comes today, from another source – Neil Asher, head of New Insights Global – who writes about Vitality, a subject that Neil is in any case far better qualified to talk about!

Over to you, Neil…

Today I would love to share with you a few secrets to attaining a condition, or state of being that can redefine your life.

It’s called vitality.

Some people come to me and say, “Neil, I'd love to have your energy. Where do you get all the energy for all the things you do?” And I say: “Well, being clear on where you are going in life is a great first step.”

Here are some of the secrets that help me to live life with vitality.

The first step in achieving the state of vitality is to know where you are going. If you have a clear road map, it is easy to get there. Your energy soars.

Another key to having vitality is to practise gratitude! If you are genuinely grateful for what you have in life, your energy picks up. If you are depressed about life, resentful about your lot and ungrateful, your energy shuts down.

A third secret to building vitality is making sure that you have some sort of moderation in your diet. Many people go out and try to increase their energy by pigging out, thinking they are going to gain energy from food. This is not the way to do it!

It has actually been shown that, to a point, if you eat less, you will have increased vitality. I don't mean you should starve yourself, or go on some crazy diet. I simply mean you should look to eat light. Always walk away from the table feeling a little less full than you might ideally like at the time. You will find you have more vitality. You might be a little slimmer than most. That’s fine. It is better to have two pounds less than it is to have two pounds more than your ideal weight. It has been proven that, in general, we live longer if we eat less. And we have more vitality!

Being clear on our mission. Being grateful. Eating modestly. All these things make a big difference.

The next key to vitality is water.

People who drink a lot of water, relative to any other liquid, increase their vitality. I encourage you to make sure that you drink plenty of water every day! Even when I am writing and speaking, I drink water, because it is a universal solvent, and it opens up the mind to the universe.

Another key lies is in how you breathe.

My observation of some of the most magnetic and charismatic people in the world is that they breathe diaphragmatically - or deeply.

Try it out. Sit down and take a few deep breaths. Breathe in. Let your chest and abdomen fill up completely. Let the oxygen come in! Now, slowly and completely, breathe out. Expel all the toxins and imagine them dissipating in the air!

In Eastern mysticism and in many of the philosophies of the East, they describe a Prana – or life force - in the breath. I believe that every time we take a breath, we bring in a life force.

So, breathe deeply. Drink a lot of water. Be grateful for what you have in life. Have certainty and clarity in your mission. Eat moderately.

The next way to increase your vitality is to make sure that your vocation and your avocation (your calling) are the same, or that they are at least connected. If you are not doing what you love and loving what you do, it’s like having a handbrake on all the time. That is the fastest way to break down your energy!

Do you want to run yourself down and distract yourself with things you don’t love doing? Surely not? Be clear. Define what you love doing. Then do it – and add vitality to your life.

Last, but not least, one of the most powerful vitality-boosters is the simple smile!

You know, if you do a little smiling, it does make a real difference. It tends to change your physiology. Look up at life and smile! Go outside, stand out there in nature and look up into the heavens and just smile at the wonder of life. Say: “Thank you, Universe! Thank you for the gifts that I have been receiving!”

Your vitality will surge!

Not only will you experience vitality in your body, but you will have it in your creations and in your actions. You will be a creative and a productive individual by following my rules to a life of vitality.

Thanks Neil. I must admit, I have a few things to work on before I crack the vitality code as well as you have. But I couldn’t possibly argue with what you are prescribing. You’re right, it works!

Perhaps your calling is to work with people, to help them and guide them to be the very best they can be. If so, life coaching has to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers available today.

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With warm regards


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