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Insights: A Different Year
January 08, 2008

A Different Year

Let me start by wishing you a happy and prosperous 2008 full of wonderful new Insights.

This is the time of the year when people start to reflect on their Summer holidays and start to look ahead to the New Year, often in the hope that it will bring something different.

New Year’s resolutions are all about the intention to manifest a positive change, whether that be to one’s health, wealth, career or relationships.

Sadly, as we all know only too well, resolutions may be great fun to make – but they are notoriously difficult to keep.

Why is this?

I think the answer lies partly in our attitude to change and partly in our attitude to creating our own reality.

Both of these subjects have been covered in some depth in previous editions of Insights (see back issues) but this time I’d like to talk about how, by making a subtle shift in your approach to both these subjects together, you can bring about a dramatic and sustained difference in your fortunes.

Let’s start with change.

Thinking about positive change, such as when we are writing out our New Year’s resolutions, usually brings about a good feeling. It’s a process that can almost be described as ‘romantic’ generating, at least at first, feelings of ‘heady’ anticipation.

The problem comes when we get to the point where we need to take the actions required to bring about the change we desire. That’s normally the point where we fall into the trap of the ‘worst fears’ mentality.

You know what I mean…:

“I’d just love to resign my job and set myself up in my own business, but what if it’s a flop and I squander my life’s savings? Then my company probably wouldn’t take me back and I’d be stuck for months with no income. And I won’t have Medical Aid anymore, so if I come down with some terrible illness, I’ll be destitute and my family would never forgive me for my failure.”

Thinking about our worst fears is a programmed response to the prospect of a major change. You could look at it as a form of protection mechanism – the way in which our ego prevents us doing anything that may result in us 'losing face’, feeling embarrassment or suffering pain or material loss.

Unfortunately, it’s also a ball and chain that prevents our forward motion and strips us of wonderful experiences.

Now, let’s consider the subject of creating our own reality.

Most of us find it difficult to reconcile ourselves with the idea that we are, solely, the creators of our own reality. Life, on the whole, just seems to happen around us and we can feel powerless to control it. So we either end up feeling helpless, angry and frustrated or we learn to ‘go with the flow’, taking whatever life throws at us, and ‘rolling with the punches’.

But what if it were true that everything about the reality that we are currently experiencing was attracted into our lives by our thoughts?

Let’s dwell for a moment on how, with a change in our approach to the subjects of change and creating our reality, we can bring about a step change for the better in our lives.

To help illustrate what I am getting at, I’ll present you with two made-up stories featuring Bob, a more traditional thinker, and the more enlightened Jane.

Bob’s story

Bob went back to work in January with a heavy heart. True, he had enjoyed a relaxing and restful break with his family but, as usual, it was all too short and now the usual post-holiday grindstone was looming. Bob hated his job. He had been doing the same thing for as long as he could remember and was feeling stuck in a rut. His boss didn’t make life easy for him as he was a real taskmaster. All that ever seemed to count was how much Bob sold; never how he was feeling or what made him ‘tick’. Bob knew he was a very able person and had been thinking about starting his own business for the past five years but, somehow, just couldn’t bring himself to make the leap. There was just too much at stake. He earned a pretty good income from employment and he and his family had become dependent on the numerous benefits his company offered. How would he ever make do without the pension fund, medical aid and company car? No, the risks were just too high. He would just have to just grin and bear it until retirement - in fifteen years time. Hopefully the time would pass quickly and then, at last, he would be a happy man.

Jane’s story

Jane went back to work in January with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. She had had a lovely holiday and the best part of it was that she had had time to herself to think about what she really wanted to do with her life next. Though she was appreciative of her job and doing well for her company, she felt strongly that the time was now right to embark on a new life experience. She knew she was a very capable person and felt sure she would do well at whatever she turned her hand to. Right now, her head was full of ideas with her vivid imagination running wild as she pictured herself as a highly successful and happy entrepreneur. There was a lot to be done but she already had a good plan of action. She knew she would need some capital, that she didn’t have right now, to start her new venture - and she visualized receiving a big cheque in the post. She knew with certainty, from past experience, that the Universe would provide what she requested. Her job was to be clear on what she wanted to create and the tools and means would magically appear. As she drove into the company parking bay she felt a sense of wonder, inner peace and joy as she contemplated the big change she had committed to embark upon. She felt so grateful for her fascinating and varied life.

The big difference in the two stories is the attitude towards change and the belief in one’s ability to create one’s own reality.

Bob approaches change from a purely rational, logical point of view, looking for the worst that could happen, weighing up perceived costs and benefits. He doesn’t believe that he can control his own destiny. Life is uncertain and fickle and he doesn’t want to be an unfortunate victim, so he chooses the ‘safe route’ of preserving the status quo.

Jane, on the other hand, loves the fact that there are so many opportunities in life and relishes the chance to make her own decisions to follow her preferences. She appreciates that she is the creator of her own reality and takes the actions necessary to follow her dreams, safe in the knowledge that this is an abundant universe and she need only ask for what she may need and she will receive it.

I hope this message has struck a chord with you. Particularly if the story of Bob is something you currently relate to.

Why not make 2008 a truly different year - the year in which you connect with your inner self; the year in which you set yourself on course to live the life you really desire?

Perhaps you have been dreaming of a career in which you experience personal freedom, enjoy amazing self-confidence and know you are on a path of growth; and one in which you caringly impart the secrets of a happy and prosperous life to others?

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Warm regards


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