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Insights: A Magical Year
February 03, 2010

A Magical Year

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New Insights Africa is delighted to be associated with Georgina Laros, who is not only a great New Insights certified coach but is also a budding poet of some ability. Georgina has contributed a few poems to Insights in the past but this is one we thought was completely appropriate at such an early stage of 2010. Do enjoy it!

A magical year
Is what this could be
For each one of us
For both you and me

It's just another year
we may think and even say
Well yes! Of course it will be
If these thoughts we convey

These are just words
And are easily changed
To look magically different
When with belief rearranged

Ask "What does God see?"
In the quiet of your mind
His words are in pictures
Through stillness you find

They are beautiful you know
You have seen them before
Perhaps through circumstance
Thought it wise to ignore

But the best part is
We have another chance
To honour his wish
And with our dreams dance

Know and believe
All that you see
When felt with your heart
You hold the key

A new year can be magical
When we make the choice
To our beautiful pictures
Give our own unique voice

Let's feel the magic within
Release it and show
That it's a magical year
Because we made it so

Georgina Laros

Thanks Georgina!

With warm regards to all our readers,

Bill Burridge.

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