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Insights: Authentic Passion
September 10, 2007

Authentic Passion

I attended a meeting of a special interest group attached to COMENSA, the coaches and mentors association of SA, last week. We listened to presentations from some of the other institutions offering coach training.

I was struck by how ‘academic’ some of the presentations appeared – almost as if the primary aim of the training company was to improve their ranking as a prestigious educator, rather than impart vital skills to their learners.

One of the presenters did hit home with me though. He talked engagingly about the need to equip coaches to look inward – to deal with their inner selves – before trying to help others make progress on their life journeys.

I think most of us can relate to this. It’s a passion thing, an authenticity thing.

You know what I mean…

Would you freely put yourself in the hands of a doctor who had an uncaring attitude? Would you eat at a restaurant where the staff clearly had no genuine interest in the people they were serving? Probably not, no matter how good the medical diagnoses or the quality of the cuisine dished up.

And so it is with choosing a life coach. Those coaches whose approach is too ‘academic’ - or more caring for the process than the person - will struggle to build the resonance that’s needed to create and sustain an effective relationship with their client.

There has to be process, of course. Without the right structure the sessions would bumble along achieving little except maybe a warm fuzzy feeling but - first and foremost - a coach has to have authentic passion for coaching; a real belief in their ability to make a difference; a real belief in their fellow human beings.

At New Insights Africa we’re pretty hot on three little (but really very big) words: Freedom, Confidence, Growth. Our focus is on providing the insights, learning material and support that helps people with a passion for others gain the personal freedom and confidence to grow into ‘human transformational missionaries’.

There, how’s that for a 21st century name for a Life Coach?

Till next time...

Bill Burridge

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