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Insights: Are You Being Heard?
September 22, 2010

Are You Being Heard?

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"The unrecorded past is none other than our old friend, the tree in the primeval forest which fell without being heard."

- Barbara Tuchman

Have you noticed how difficult it is nowadays to be heard?

Information overload

We live in a society where there is total information overload... and it's getting worse at a faster and faster rate!

Consider this for a moment:

If the entire body of humanity's scientific knowledge - or information - in the year 1 AD equated to one unit, then it took 1500 years for that information to double, then another 250 years to double again, 150 years to double again and a further 50 years to double again. After that the period taken to double the information shortened to 10 years, then 7 years, then 6 years, then 5 years, then 3 years. By 1990 the amount of available information was doubling every 18 months.

Quantum leaps in nanoseconds

If that hasn't taken your breath away then it is predicted that by the start of the year 2012 we will experience quantum leaps in information every day and by the end of that year the period for such leaps will be down to mere seconds - and soon after nanoseconds!

If you sometimes feel, like I do, that time seems to be speeding up, this is why.

Voices in the wilderness

With such vast increases in this collective body of knowledge, the technology available to access it and the various public and social media clamouring to force it down our throats is it any wonder that so many of us feel like insignificant voices in the wilderness racing against time to get things done?

How many people do you know that go out of their way to really and sincerely listen to you and what you have to say? More often than not people who make out as if they are listening are simply using the time to craft, in their own minds, what they need to say to you next.

Refreshing to know

In a world that is increasingly frenetic and self-centered it's refreshing to know that there are people who are dedicated to listening to and helping others prosper and grow.

I'm talking about life coaches of course!

Life coaches are trained to understand how good, two way communication works, how powerful it is and how effectively it can be used.

As trainers, we don't expect coaches to be total masters of the art - after all, communication is an extremely broad subject - but we do expect them to be skilled in making their clients feel genuinely heard during coaching sessions.

The power within

As far as careers go, life coaching goes against the grain somewhat. Whereas most people earn a living selling advice or products or services aimed at providing a better quality of life from without, life coaches earn money showing people how access a life of more joy and meaning by looking within to find their true power!

As such coaching is very different from consulting or counselling.

You would hire a consultant to tell you what it is you don't know or to do something for you that you do not have the skills to do yourself.

You would hire a counsellor to give you advice on how to handle difficult or traumatic situations or how to deal with a specific unresolved problem like an addiction or phobia.

But you would hire a coach to help you 'excavate' and harness the magnificence within you, to come to terms with your own innate strengths and abilities and to rise to your true potential.

Questioning, listening, understanding, growth

So coaches have to be great questioners and listeners, completely focused on understanding their clients on a deep, yet non-intrusive level - and doing so in a caring and supportive way to enhance their personal freedom, confidence and growth.

Perhaps a career in life coaching is something you would like to consider? If so the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme will allow you do just that by working in your own time and at your own pace when it suits you.

Till next week...

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