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Insights: Black Holes
September 25, 2007

Black Holes… and other wonders of our Universe

I recently bought the Britannica DVD, ostensibly for the benefit of my children’s education, but, to be honest, partly out of my own curiosity. Part of the deal was access to an online newsletter.

The other day, while browsing the newsletter, my attention got drawn to a brief description of a Black Hole (for the existence of which, scientists apparently gathered conclusive evidence back in 2001).

“A cosmic body of extremely intense gravity from which nothing, not even light, can escape. A black hole can be formed by the death of a massive star. When such a star has exhausted its internal thermonuclear fuels at the end of its life, it becomes unstable and gravitationally collapses inward upon itself.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but periodically I come across these rather formalised descriptions of things and events that exist out there in our Universe, that are just so incredibly wondrous, that I feel compelled to pause and reflect while I catch my breath!

I mean, for heaven’s sake, who can truly imagine or appreciate something as radical as a hole from which no light can escape, let alone the collapse of a gigantic star?

The fact is, that, no matter how utterly incredible or mind boggling these things may be, our day-to-day lives remain unaffected by them. So we hardly give them more than a passing thought.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

And that’s my point. Surely the very reason for the existence of such impossible-to-imagine things is to open our minds; to make us realize that if things like Black Holes exist, then it’s more than probable that even more weird and wonderful phenomena exist that we don’t yet know about or can’t yet comprehend… and not just things that are millions of light years removed, but things that co-exist with us right here on Earth, invisible to all but the most open minded and least sceptical of us.

Lynn McTaggart, in her ground breaking book, The Field, offers tantalizing scientific proof for something that ancient myth, religion and spiritual masters have long espoused – the existence of a life force, an energy field that connects not just all of us, but everything in the Universe.

Our Universe is, without a shred of doubt – but with plenty of scientific proof - an incredible place (how’s that for a euphemism!)

If we look at what’s around us with open eyes - not eyes whose field of view is narrowed by the monotonous, predictable daily routine so many of us choose to follow - we can quickly dispel any feeling of cynicism we may have about the postulate that anything we desire is truly possible in our lives.

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Till next time...

Bill Burridge

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