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Insights: Celebrate Your Victories
August 19, 2009

Celebrate Your Victories

In this issue Bill takes a beautiful poem from a recently certified coach to highlight how important it is to celebrate personal victories no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."

- Corita Kent

Georgina Laros is becoming a regular contributor to Insights with her wonderful ability to construct beautiful, thought provoking poems.

Earlier this month, Georgina achieved one of her personal goals of becoming a New Insights certified life coach.

As she reflected on the highs and lows of her journey towards this goal, she was struck by how important it had been to take things one step at a time, finding time and space to celebrate all the little wins or personal victories along the way.

As humans we have a wonderful ability to dream big dreams. But, more often than not, they stay just that - dreams - because we are not skilled in the process required to turn those dreams into reality.

We venture out with good intent but with some trepidation. We make progress but inevitably hit an obstacle. Then, instead of reflecting on the progress already made, we become overwhelmed - focusing not simply on how to overcome the obstacle - but becoming intimidated by the apparent enormity of the overall challenge we have taken on.

Overwhelm leads to inaction and procrastination - and the dream remains stubbornly elusive.

But the result can easily be so different if we just learn to break the objective down into manageable milestones, focus only on achieving the milestones, one by one, and take time out to celebrate when we achieve them, moving on with renewed optimism and purpose.

Thank you, Georgina, for the powerful message in your poem...

When minutes become hours
And hours into days blend
Soon become months
The year closer to its end

And all that you dreamed
Seems to be slipping away
Thoughts now of surrender
Saying: "Come what may"

When victories, though small
Just don't seem to count
Even though the hurdles
Sometimes hard to mount

Time to pause, even stop!
Cast thinking aside
Celebrate your victories
In your heart feel your pride

In stillness, ask for guidance
To your inner wisdom heed
A slight change in direction
Is perhaps all that you need

Retreat a step or more
With enlightenment review
Your dream now more beautiful
Start afresh to pursue

Love every given moment
With passion follow through
In your victories celebrate
Your dream is coming true

Georgina Laros - August 2009

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!

Till next time...

Warm Regards,


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