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Insights: Choose Your Moments
June 23, 2009

Choose Your Moments

During the course of last week a little note popped into my inbox from my wife, Jenni, who had been inspired to write and send me the piece that follows. I found it both beautiful and thought provoking - and felt I should share it with our loyal Insights readers.

We all know, deep in our hearts, that we are responsible...

We are responsible for our lives - the good, the bad and even the ugly parts that make up the totality of our experiences.

"Happiness comes from within!"
"Money can’t buy happiness!"

...And on the clichés go.

Buddha once proclaimed:


I love that passage because it’s true of my life. It resonates with me, it works for me, it sets a warm vibration going that allows me to exhale...

"It is all O.K."

(Much like the 'letting go' that happens when sliding into a wonderfully warm bath.)

It is in these blissful moments of contentment that we are most likely to set forth our intentions. Lying in the warm water, we relax and trust the process. Knowingly, we give thanks, in advance, for what we will receive.

We all experience these moments. We are born knowing. We have the gift of consciousness. We have the power of intention.

But sometimes we forget.

We become overwhelmed by the business of living. Our thoughts become scattered and unfocused. Our actions become frenetic. We multi-task. We operate in the subconscious, on 'automatic pilot', until we are worn out... Only then, do we pull back to present.

"Exhale. Back-to-centre. Breathe. Calm."

When will we learn?

When she wanted and needed my attention – undivided; when she needed my focus and presence – and not half an ear, my beautiful, Indigo daughter once said to me:

"You are not a human being, you are a human doing..."

Out of the mouths of babes! Our children quietly observe and then gift us with pearls of wisdom. They are our greatest teachers. They remind us.

How often do we give our most important, the least? How often do we waste our vital energy on insignificance and procrastination?

Wouldn’t it be FABULOUS if we could skip all the performance and stay in the warm bath?

The good news is, we can!

With conscious awareness and deliberate intent, we can choose our moments.

Choose and decide.

By setting our intentions for every segment of our day, we can take our power back. By defining exactly what outcome we expect, we can regain our focus. What we focus on expands.

Trust, and allow manifestation to take place.

When we focus upon the specifics of what we want in a given moment, we bring clarity and power to our creation.

Know that by our deliberate intending, we are in creative CONTROL of our life experience.

Great happiness and contentment can be ours, when we find the perfect flowing balance of Gratitude, Intention, Allowing and Receiving and Gratitude once again.

Choose YOUR moments!

Try it. I guarantee you’ll like it! :)

Thanks for your contribution Jenni!

I wish all you wonderful readers out there a great week.

Warm Regards,


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