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Insights: Doing what you love
June 03, 2008

Doing what you love

I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to follow your passion and do whatever it is you love rather than something you think you ought to do. I firmly believe it is the secret to unlocking a life of happiness, personal freedom and success.

Society puts pressure on us to choose a career, or job, that is believed to be ‘right for us’ – but the choice is rarely left to us – and even if it is, many of us aren’t properly equipped to make that choice.

Most of us, heavily influenced by others, or by the pursuit of material wealth, ignore our inner voices, thus abrogating our responsibility for choosing a path that is aligned with our life purpose – even if we are fortunate enough to know what that is!

When I look at my own experiences, and those of countless others, I realize that we have lost that innate trust in our inner beings that I believe is meant to guide us through life. Instead we choose to place our trust in parents, friends, colleagues, systems, personal profiling methods, guidance counsellors or simply ‘fate’.

And that, I feel certain, is why so many people are either unfulfilled, earning far less than they would like, or both.

Living a life of purpose, where you are passionate about what you are doing - and loving it - has a double benefit. It brings on that wonderful feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment – andit is the true path to abundant living.

By doing what you love, you get rewarded in so many ways that you might have thought impossible before.

You see, when you live your life doing what you love, ‘chasing money’ becomes less of an all-encompassing focus and – ironically – money and abundance will flow more readily into your life, almost as if by magic!

For me, getting to the point in my life where I am doing what I love has been a slowly unfolding journey of experiences and constant learnings. It’s taken a relatively long time. I have no regrets, though, because my current life feels richer – and my ‘ahas’ more profound – as a result.

I was fortunate to have been endowed with a good academic ability and managed to obtain what was, by any standard, a pretty good matric pass. But I had no real clue when it came to choosing a career!

My journey started with me making the classic mistake. I chose to accept someone else’s judgement on my ideal career path. Weeks away from the deadline for registration at university, I was swayed by the opinion of a school friend. When I told him some of the thoughts and ideas I was having, he looked at me with a somewhat condescending frown and said:

“Come on, Bill, you can do better than that!”

“What do you mean,” I asked with some surprise...

...whereupon he proceeded to tell me how important it was not to waste a university education on something not sufficiently challenging. In his opinion I had the ability to achieve a degree in engineering (something he clearly believed to be more challenging and worthy of higher status that anything I had been contemplating).

And so, based on the quick and ludicrously superficial capability appraisal of my young school acquaintance, I embarked on four years of successful study towards a civil engineering degree.

It was to be a full ten years later before I finally brought myself to take the first step towards rectifying the disharmony with my inner voice. In retrospect though, those ten years were to become an important reference for me in later life – and I have never felt that they were in any way wasted.

In the next phase of my career I was to be given brief opportunities to work with my true talents but each time the crossroads appeared I was to ignore the pleadings of my inner voice and choose the path that appeared to offer the fastest and most likely route up the corporate ladder, reasoning, like so many others, that the way to a better life was to be found in chasing more money and more status.

Then one day the turning point came.

After a series of twists and turns in my career I found myself in a senior technical position in IT, seemingly a million miles from where my inner voice had been trying to lead me. Faced with a business challenge to reduce divisional costs by 50%, our head of IT announced a major restructuring and posted a job for an internal communications manager to help manage the inevitable turmoil that would result.

The communications job was posted at a grade lower than my own but I knew then that the time had come to follow my inner voice and do what I was passionate about rather than that which I thought would bring more money and status.

I applied for – and got the job – to the surprise of some of my colleagues. And I never looked back. Finally, I had found something I really wanted to do and a niche where I felt confident and comfortable.

After a further three years I was offered a similar job, but with more wide ranging responsibility, in the corporate centre in London, back at the same grade that I had left in IT. For the first time the right job just ‘fell into my lap’ without me having to push for it.

All of this was to prepare me for what was to come next with New Insights. It was a long and sometime difficult journey, but I had finally learnt one of life’s biggest ‘secrets’:

Do what you love doing and success and abundance will follow.

Perhaps your inner voice has been guiding you to follow your passion for helping other people be the best they can be; imparting tools, techniques and universal wisdom that can unlock personal freedom, confidence and growth in those that seek your assistance?

If so, look no further than the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme. It contains everything you will need to equip you to start a successful practice as a well regarded, well rewarded and fully certified life coach.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact me personally if you’d like to discuss the opportunity further.

With warm regards


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