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Insights: Global Village Syndrome
April 12, 2011

Global Village Syndrome

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"A transnational community that is more democratic, and could be more effective, than the United Nations."

- Suddeutsche Zeitung

I was listening to Gareth Cliff on Radio 5 this morning talking about how the unprecedented level of digital connectedness we have in the world seems to exacerbate the level of problems we feel exist.

Shortly thereafter I was reviewing an assignment for one of our trainee coaches.

She had been asked to mention two 'global beliefs' that she holds (a 'global belief' is typically a gross exaggeration that has become ingrained in one's minds as a personal truth).

Generalized negative beliefs

The global beliefs she cited were:

  • "People are cruel"
  • "Life is unfair"

As I mulled over what Cliff had said earlier it became clear to me why so many people come to harbour generalized negative beliefs like those above.

More exposed

Thanks to the technological revolution we have lived through in the twenty-first century, we are all infinitely more exposed to and aware of the many less palatable and even downright awful developments happening in our country and across our world, on a daily basis.

And yet, thanks to media bias for relaying 'bad' news, we seem - at least up to now - comparatively starved of information about all the wonderful things taking place out there.

Problems all pervasive and worsening?

From what I can see, those who spend a lot of time reading newspapers or listening to the news broadcasts on TV might be forgiven for thinking that levels of violence, corruption and other crimes against humanity are all pervasive and worsening, along with the scale and magnitude of natural disasters thrust upon our fragile planet.

Goodness, that does sound terribly 'gloom and doomish' doesn't it?

Personally, I think its just part and parcel of what I call 'global village syndrome' - the effect of a hyper-connected society where bad news and news of major catastrophes spreads at warp speed across the world.

Now for the good news

There is, thankfully, a flip side to the coin.

Now, more than ever before, ordinary individuals - and let's face it, 95% or more of us are good, honest down to earth types wanting to lead better lives - are able to form alliances to make a real difference in the world and expose the bad and the ugly that we hear about in the news every day.

Uniting good people

I am a great fan of organizations like Avaaz, for example, that unite good people from all walks of life to take action on pressing issues of national, regional and global nature - from conflict to climate change. Such organizations simply could not (and never did) exist without the Internet and related social networking sites.

Closer to home I have come to witness the power of communications technology in bringing life changing interventions like coaching to people from all persuasions and backgrounds. No longer is life coaching the preserve of the rich and famous celebrities. Now it is accessible to just about anyone who has access to a basic telephone.

Growing numbers want personal freedom

Almost every day I hear stories from our trained coaches about how they are innovating to bring the power of coaching to growing numbers of people from all walks of life who want more personal freedom, self-confidence and growth in their lives.

A positive future

Despite what the media would have us think about the dire state of life on the planet right now, and despite the unquestionable turbulence of the times we live in, I feel very positive about our future.

People with antisocial intentions, fraudsters, power hungry dictators, corrupt civil servants, those who demean women and children or satisfy their own inadequacies by resorting to violence and all other less than honorable people are, more and more, being exposed and having to bear the brunt of condemnation and outrage as the voices of good people around the world become increasingly organized and amplified!

Good people can make a difference

This is good news, exciting news. A new dispensation is there for the taking. In today's global village, every good person has a voice. Every good person has support. Every good person can make a difference!!

Till next week...

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