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Insights: Ignite Your Fire
June 18, 2009

Ignite Your Fire

In this job I feel very privileged to receive many inspirational emails. Occasionally I receive something that I feel deserves to be shared.

Georgina Laros, one of our coach trainees, is rapidly gaining in my estimation as a budding poet. She wrote the following poem, titled 'Ignite Your Fire' that I think is just beautiful. I hope you will too!

Ignite your fire
That is deep down inside
It's been there for a while
Since you were a child

"Who put out the flames
Along the way?"
"Was it me", you cried
"Did I off my path stray"?

The glow in your eyes
Is no longer there
What used to be love
Is now a blank stare

"I didn’t notice"
You say without thinking
There is doubt in your voice
And you feel like you're sinking

You have a hole in your heart
And feelings of despair
The happiness you once felt
Is no longer there

Your spirit has left you
This is what you think
But it hasn't gone far
It is your eternal link

You are special
And so am I
It’s remembering this
That gives us wings to fly

Love Life, Live Love
To your dreams be true
Your spirit will be back
And so will you

Your eyes are aglow
Just as before
The person you are
You now adore

Your heart is whole
You feel content
A life of Happiness
Is what is meant

The fire that was there
Since you were a child
Has reignited
From deep down inside

Georgina Laros
June 2009

Until next week - have a great time!

Warm Regards


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