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Insights: Important Announcement
July 13, 2011

Important Announcement

If you read the last couple of editions of Insights you will have known that some changes were in the air!

A new way

We wanted a way to:

  • Make the newsletters and back issues more accessible to - and an easier read for - current subscribers;

  • Attract subscribers from other parts of the world, in particular, the UK;

  • Make commenting easier and more interactive;

  • Promote special offers and products from time to time without taking away from the articles.

Announcing the birth of ... Life Coaching Insights

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that we have decided to merge Insights and another newsletter, called Coaching Insights, received by our coaches and trainee coaches, into a professional blog that is available to everyone - and open for comment.

In future, you'll get a short e-mail notification that there's a new article on the Life Coaching Insights blog and you can visit, read it and comment as and when it suits you.

I hope it will also become a place for our readers and customers alike, to interact, informally, around the relevant subject matter of the articles.

Let's make the world a better place!

Time to try it out

This week's article is called 'Heads, Hearts and Careers' and the question I ask is:

"Do you love your work - or hate it? Are you getting closer to your dreams, or further away?"

To visit the blog and read more, please click on the link below:

Life Coaching Insights

Till next week...

Warm regards,


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