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Insights: Intention
March 18, 2009


“An intention is like an arrow in flight. Nothing can deflect it. So aim carefully.”

- Diana Cooper

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to succeed at everything they turn their hands to whereas others never seem to get further than first base with an idea?

A large part of the reason for this phenomenon, I believe, lies in a person’s ability to invoke the powerful force that is intention.

I’ve spoken with a great number of people about their aspirations and it never fails to impress me how certain people respond using words that clearly evoke intent, whereas so many others simply talk about hopes and wants and wishes.

Lyn Smith’s big goal

Lyn Smith is a top-flight coach and head trainer for New Insights in the UK. She arrived in Cape Town in late January to conduct an advanced coach training workshop for New Insights Africa. This was her first visit to South Africa and the first time I had the opportunity to meet her in the flesh.

We hit it off from the outset and a day before the workshop was due to start we were shooting the breeze at a local restaurant when, only half-seriously, I asked her what her long-term goals were.

Lyn’s turned to me and smiled. Her facial expression gradually turned to what I can only describe as unbridled enthusiasm blended with steely determination as she started to answer my question…

“I intend to build a network of schools for underprivileged children in Africa,” she began.

The real deal!

This was no grand vision without substance, no ‘aspiration wish-list’ meant purely to impress people. This was the real deal! I could clearly tell that Lyn just knew within her heart of hearts that her goal would one day become a reality.

Now, Lyn’s was no small goal and I could hardly fail to be genuinely impressed. But what really had me gasping was the unquestionable intention that was evident.

The Power of Intention

Back at home I was thinking about Lyn’s amazing goal and her determination to manifest it, when, synchronistically, my eye fell on a book on my bedside table – The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W Dyer.

Dyer is one of my favourite self-development authors, if only for the fact that I have adopted the brilliant quote on the front cover of this very book – Change the Way You Look at Things and the Things You Look at Will Change – as my own guiding light!

I leaned over, picked up the well thumbed book and it fell open at page 4, where Dyer describes the insight and clarity that he gained about the power of intention from two sentences in a book by Carlos Castaneda:

A force that exists in the Universe

Castaneda wrote: “Intent is a force that exists in the universe…”

Dyer admitted that he had never considered intention in this way before. Rather than an attribute that someone has or something they do, intention is an invisible field of energy that exists and can be tapped into.

Now, just in case you are inclined to dismiss this as some new age claptrap, let me share with you that the study of subatomic physics is starting to bear out the existence of such invisible energy fields and the fact that thoughts and, particularly intentions, do indeed create reality.

The Law of Attraction holds that you attract what you think about. Intention can be thought of as a powerful, carefully directed thought and as such it is the basis for manifestation.

Connected or disconnected?

Next time you’re in conversation with someone about their aspirations for the future, listen to their language. You’ll soon determine whether they are connected to the force that is intention or not.

Let’s take an example of two separate individuals with the same dream - building a beautiful yacht and sailing around the world. (Sounds exciting doesn’t it!).

From person A you might hear things like:

“I intend to have the plans finished so that building can commence next spring.”

“When the yacht is built, I’m going to take all my friends sailing for a fabulous and unforgettable week-end away before I leave on my journey.”

“I intend to find the very best crew members to help me complete the first leg of the journey within six weeks so that I can rest up during the hurricane season before tackling the next leg.

“I plan to visit some wonderful island paradises on my trip.”

From person B you might hear:

“With my luck, I’ll finish building the boat just as the stormy season arrives and I’ll never get out of the harbour.”

“By the time the yacht is built, I’ll be down to my last pennies so I’ll be passing round the begging bowl to family and friends to fund the provisions for my trip.”

“I’ll probably have to skimp on crew members. I just hope and pray I don’t get caught in a hurricane. That would be the end of my dream – and the crew would probably sue me!”

“I’ve heard the islanders can be really unfriendly to passing yachts. There have been many cases of boats being ransacked. I definitely wont be going ashore while on the islands.”

Now, which one of these people do you think has plugged into the force of intention? Which one would you bet on achieving his dream?

Why not practise the art?

If you have a dream (and who doesn’t) why not spend some time practicing the art of harnessing the power of intention. You might surprise yourself with what you achieve!

Have a wonderful week.

With warm regards,


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