Investing in You

I spent this week-end in the company of about a dozen certified New Insights coaches who had signed up for our inaugural Advanced Coach Training workshop.

What an experience!

As someone who spent many years in corporate life, I can honestly state that I have attended more workshops and conferences than I could ever hope to count on the combined fingers and toes of my extended family, including our dogs and cat!

Very seldom can I remember an event that generated such a degree of enthusiasm, high energy and fun as this one.

Much of the credit must go to Lyn Smith, Master coach and Head Trainer for New Insights in the UK, who kindly agreed to fly out to South Africa to conduct this training.

This coming week-end, Lyn will be in the Cape presenting a series of Introduction to Life Coaching events to people who are considering training to join this growing group of special people. If you’d like to attend you can find more information at:

I took Lyn on a little sight seeing trip to Cape Point yesterday and while tackling the somewhat strenuous, but wonderfully energising climb to the lighthouse we talked at length about some of the ‘secrets to success’ that allow Lyn to charge her UK clients more than £250 per session and still have them coming back for more again and again.

Big business

You see, life coaching is big business in the developed world. People have realized that any investment they make in themselves is worth it’s weight in gold in today’s society – and by far the best investment is in learning the keys to attaining abundant self-belief or self-confidence.

Getting a quality education in one’s chosen field can be very costly, but important, for those wanting to pursue a financially rewarding career. Finding the keys to a life of unlimited self-belief, however, is vital to anyone wanting a life of personal freedom, fulfillment and self-growth – and it’s comparatively inexpensive.

Is it any wonder then that more and more people are prepared to invest more and more in coaches who have the skills and techniques to help them unlock their true potential?


As I looked around the room during the workshop I was filled with excitement and delight at the level of happiness and fulfilment reflected in the faces of the coaching audience.

Here was a group of people that had completed the New Insights training and tasted the fruits of a fulfilling and rewarding career helping others to be the best they can be, happily coming back for more in the quest to be the very best at what they do.

Committed to Others

These are people who have one thing in common; they are committed to showing others how to find the personal freedom, confidence and self-growth that they, themselves have discovered through their studies.

Life coaching must surely be one of the most unselfish careers on the planet today. It’s a discipline in which participants (both coaches and clients) can enjoy fair exchange of the highest value.

After all, what can be more meaningful and important than understanding one’s life purpose and aligning everything you do in each area of your life, with that purpose!

Top secret

Before I sign off let me share with you Lyn Smith’s top secret to success, which may no longer surprise you…

Get a Coach!

Better still, why not become a coach yourself? If you have the passion, we have the programme!

Have a great week!

With warm regards,


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