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Insights: Is Life Coaching a Luxury?
July 13, 2010

Is LIfe Coaching a Luxury?

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"If you don't like something change it;
if you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

- Mary Engelbreit

I received a lengthy email yesterday from a reader who expressed an interest in signing up for our life coach training program but had some concerns about whether life coaching could be a viable business for her in the current fragile economic times.

"Life coaching is a luxury purchase and people will be scaling back on such expenses during difficult times like these" she claimed.

Part marketing challenge

Of course, part of my response included some advice about how life coaches should be marketing their services in these times (and our program is unique in taking that into account with four excellent business support manuals).

Successful life coaches are those that recognize how important it is to position themselves in terms of a speciality or niche. After all, if you're looking for a coach to assist you in improving your relationship, which would you apply to, a general life coach or a life coach who specializes in relationships?

Part no-brainer!

But the main gist of my response was to explain to her how important it would be for her to counter any suggestions or perceptions that prospective clients might have about life coaching being a 'luxury purchase'!

One can appreciate how money spent on oneself is perceived as a luxury. Spending money on regular spa or grooming treatments for example, while offering temporary enjoyment and upliftment, is not exactly going to make a permanent difference to one's level of joy, prosperity or fulfillment... And in today's society we are all taught to feel a certain amount of guilt over self-indulgences.

However, expenditure on life coaching is very different.

A sound investment

Firstly, it should be viewed as an investment - not a cost.

An investment differs from a cost in that it produces a return.

When you invest in uncovering and then eliminating limiting beliefs or other destructive behaviors and thinking patterns that hold you back, you are liberating the power within to become more - and thereby have more!

When you invest in finding out your authentic values and why value conflicts prevent you from achieving more, you are bringing a powerful tool to bear that can raise your productivity and happiness levels dramatically. When you invest in finding out the true purpose of your life and how easily you can make changes to pursue that purpose, you will harness an amazing energy source that you never knew existed!

A program of personal change

Secondly, good life coaching should be seen as a program of personal change and development - not as a series of sessions that may or may not be perceived to add value to you.

Always sign up for the program, not the session. By this I mean that if you psychologically commit to a full program of coaching, rather than commit piecemeal to one session at a time, you will be more prepared to embrace what life coaching has to offer and more likely to realize how relatively insignificant this wonderful investment really is.

What price living life to the full?

Finally, ask yourself what price are you willing to put on the opportunity to live life to your full potential?

Does such expenditure constitute a luxury or should it be seen as a small consideration required to unleash the power of the real you? Depending on the coach, his or her market, speciality, experience and qualifications you might pay between R3,000 and R10,000 for the full program.

Okay, so you could take a nice holiday for that - but once again the benefit is temporary - and it certainly won't do anything to increase your earning potential!

A solution focused approach for lasting change

If you believe it's time for a solution focused approach to creating lasting change in your life; if you want to give yourself the gift of dedicated attention from someone who is totally focused on you and your needs; if you want to explore the real you, your true capability and your real capacity for joy and meaning - then it's time to invest in you, time to hire a life coach!

And there's no better place to start your search than our life coach directory.

The Life Coach Directory

Till next week...

Warm Regards as always,


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