The Power of Journalling

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Did you know that the single biggest difference between top performers and everyone else lies in the way they think?

How would you like to be empowered with the tools of deliberate thought that top performers are able to access instantly and use to drive their success. How would you like to have consistent exposure to the kind of thinking that will enable you to achieve the life that you desire?

Powerful yet understated

One of the most powerful and effective - yet very often understated - element of any good coaching programme is journalling or, in other words, creating a personal record of your thoughts, feelings and emotions along your journey of change.

Journalling is, quite simply, the single most important tool in creating significant change in your life. It's the vehicle that allows you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Done as an integral part of a reputable coaching programme with a quality coach, the results you can achieve are nothing short of astounding.

Before I tell you how you can access what I believe is one of the best journalling tools available in the world today, let me tell you a little about my own experience.

From sceptic to convert

In 2007, I went through a time of huge change. My family and I left the UK after six years to come back to South Africa. At the same time I left a corporate job, after 27 years of employment, for self employment. My two children had to start at new schools and my wife and I had to look for a new house in an area that we had not lived in before.

I have life coaching to thank for the fact that I negotiated that period of change and made the transition so successfully. And I have a brilliant New Insights coach to thank for making the coaching experience so profound and empowering.

Now, if I look back on my coaching experience there is one area that stands out for me - journalling!

Frankly, at the time, I saw the idea of keeping a regular journal as rather a 'girly' thing to do, quite apart from thinking I didn't really have time for it. But my coach, Sharon, would have nothing of it and eventually we struck a compromise that, instead of writing daily journal entries I would do it on a weekly basis.

As I moved through the programme, journalling became more natural for me and I would find myself writing entries two or three times a week. From being sceptical of the whole process, I started to find myself using it as an outlet to express my feelings in a very private way.

As time continued, I was able to look back over my string of journal entries and track my progress from a somewhat anxious and resentful disposition to one of inspired self-confidence and eager anticipation.

Journal@NIA: Journalling reinvented

Modern technology has reinvented the way we do most things today - and journalling is no exception.

New Insights Africa recently teamed up with an innovative North American company, called Frame of Mind coaching, to make the Journal EngineTM software platform available to our coaches, our trainees and the South African public at large, through what we call Journal@New Insights Africa (or Journal@NIA for short).

Unique to Journal@NIA is the availability of an exclusive on-line self-guided journalling system. Every week, for an entire year, participants (let's call them client members) are encouraged to respond to a specific question that forms part of a designated theme that targets a specific aspect of their thought process.

Client members can set the system up so that their journal entries are completely secure and personal or so that they are open for the entire international client database to read and comment on - or something in between.

Through Journal@NIA, a member can easily gain access to one of the many coach members using the platform, if he or she wants to. Then it's a simple step to configure the system such that journal entries are shared with the coach who can assist with intensive - or light touch - coaching interventions to suit the client member.

Try this complimentary service!

At New Insights Africa we're proud to make this innovation available to readers of Insights who feel they can benefit from journalling and coaching.

Becoming a client member of Journal@NIA will cost you nothing - and the benefits are potentially limitless. Why not join us today?

All you have to do is navigate to the New Insights Africa website. Once you're there, scroll down the menu bar on the left until you reach 'Public Resources'. Now look for the button marked 'JOURNAL with us' and click on it.

Journalling has the ability to transform your life. When you journal you confront your battles and you explore your dreams, hopes and aspirations, allowing them to come to life. Your battles are put in context while your hopes and dreams become more tangible and are validated. With the help of a coach you set goals and bring constant attention, focus and energy to them, thus accelerating the time frame in which you achieve them.

Good luck and best wishes.


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