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Insights: Life Coaching for Youngsters
February 23, 2010

Life Coaching for Youngsters

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One of the most important things that certified life coaches can do, is choose a coaching niche. In this week's newsletter, Bill suggests that coaching the youth is a vital service that can be both fulfilling and rewarding.

A common question

I get a lot of communications from people who express an interest in offering life coaching services to youngsters, especially teenagers. The question is always the same:

"Do you think there's a market for this?"

Yes, I certainly do.

Quite frankly, when my wife and I were first exposed to the power of the New Insights life coaching programme, we both felt the same way.

"Why on earth..." we reasoned, "...don't we offer this sort of service to youngsters as a form of preparation for their life ahead, rather than exclusively to adults, many of whom are looking for some form of intervention to get their lives back on track after going off the rails."

Money to be made

"But there's no money in coaching young people" is the comment I've heard from some detractors.

Don't you believe it. You just have to look at the huge sacrifices that many parents will make to ensure their kids get a good education and look after their general well being.

How much money gets spent on the youth in the way of school fees, extra lessons, sports events, outings and extra mural activities, doctor's and dentist's bills, cellphone costs, entertainment and pocket money, never mind the money spent on birthday and Christmas presents?

Kids are a top priority - ask any parent!

What could be better?

And what could be better for kids, or young adults, than coaching aimed at helping them get in touch with their inner beings and understand their true power; coaching that helps them understand and address the limiting beliefs that cause their feelings of inadequacy and anxiety; coaching that starts them thinking about what values are important to them and what their life purpose might be; coaching that helps them set goals to achieve the things they want for themselves?

The easy solution

I was appalled, not long ago, when a close family member shared with me how, on the advice of a teacher, they had taken their child to a doctor who took less than fifteen minutes to diagnose a form of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and prescribe a drug called Ritalin.

Anyone who knows the child will attest to the polite, well-behaved, mild mannered attitude of that little person. The child is a real delight to be with. Problems concentrating in class could just as easily be ascribed to the fact that Mum and Dad are both working parents (describes most families nowadays, doesn't it?) and the child isn't getting the attention at home that they crave.

It seems to me that, in the typically 'time-poor' lives we live in the 21st century, drugs are often seen as a quick-fix solution to our problems. If not those prescribed for medical conditions, then the so-called 'recreational' variety - drugs illegally sought out for the short term 'highs' they offer. And at what cost to our society?

A wonderful alternative

Life coaching offers a wonderfully powerful and lasting alternative to quick-fix solutions that treat only the symptoms of our problems. Life coaching helps people understand how truly fantastic they really are, how they can easily be, do and have anything they desire by banishing their limiting beliefs and learning to live a life in harmony with their true values and life purpose.

It seems to me that, in the way of careers, there are few that can claim to be more honourable and more desirable in our society than life coaching - and life coaching for the youth ... well ... that surely takes the cake!

A programme that's adaptable

Kids love to work in groups - and although the New Insights life coaching programme is designed for one-on-one coaching, it is easily adaptable for coaching in groups, allowing for more fun and lower fees without necessarily compromising the personal aspects of the programme.

Food for thought

If you think you have it in you to coach kids, teenagers or adults, to get more of what they desire from their lives, why not consider the New Insights home study Life Coach Training programme. Train in your own time and at your own pace - and access the family-like support of an international network of New Insights life coaches.

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