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Insights: Life Coaching - Cometh the Age, Cometh the Career
January 12, 2010

Life Coaching

Cometh the Age, Cometh the Career

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Life coaching is still something of a mystery to many people, particularly in the developing world, but only because it is a relatively new discipline. In this edition of Insights, Bill explains how Life Coaching is a career that has emerged in response to man's search for greater meaning and joy in increasingly uncertain times. It offers a refreshing and highly effective approach to those who want more from life.

As we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, it is clear that life on Earth is changing, rapidly and quite dramatically.

Yes, we have unprecedented planetary challenges like global warming to deal with - but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm referring to rapid changes in the way people are relating to life and the way in which they believe it should be lived.

A legacy

The industrial revolution and two debilitating world wars left us with a legacy - grandparents and parents who had learnt - and in turn imparted to us – a belief in a formula for success in life that goes something like this:

Get the best possible education, join a good company, put your head down and work as hard as you can for many years, don't question - but do learn from - older and wiser folks who've been there and done it before, accept many sacrifices and hope for some lucky breaks. Then, all being well, the reward of relative comfort and contentment in your advanced years, awaits.

Questioning and rejecting the old model

Now, in exponentially increasing numbers, people in our current and emerging generations are questioning - and rejecting - the value and validity of the formula that has been handed down to us.

The reason? Advances in technology, the dramatically increasing pace of change and the resulting uncertainty that is part of life as we now know it.

Change is the modern day buzzword. Never before has humanity been exposed to socio-economic change of such magnitude and frequency - and it leaves most of us feeling insecure, fearful and decidedly twitchy as we hunt for another way to find true happiness.

Enter Life Coaching

Life coaching is a career that has burst on the scene in direct response to the siren calls for help in dealing with the significant personal challenges that the twenty first century has spawned.

Life coaches are trained to help their clients embrace change rather than hide from it, ignore it or live in fear of it, by recognizing and using the many unique talents and abilities that they, the clients, are endowed with.

Life coaching is neither counselling nor consulting, nor is it some vague or spurious form of sweet talking or advice-giving. It is a genuine twenty first century solution to a modern problem faced by most - how to live a more authentic and joyful life when life's questions, to which we have all being frantically searching for answers, have changed.

The solution lies within

A principle, intrinsic to life coaching, is that any formula for success in life (and there are many as success means very different things to different people) lies within each and every one of us. Just as we have been granted the gift of free will, we have been endowed with the ability to create our own reality.

Good life coaches are experts in building rapport and trust with their clients. They know that every human is capable of great things but most of us have been taught to underestimate, if not ignore or eschew our own significant capability. Coaches use this knowledge, together with many simple but wonderfully effective skills and techniques, to guide and inspire their clients to find purpose and meaning through connecting with their authentic selves.

Complementary to psychology

Psychology has, over many years, played a vital role in promoting mental health by helping patients deal effectively with past issues and traumas that have caused blocks to leading 'normal' lives. Today, life coaches provide the perfect complement to the services that psychologists offer.

Whereas psychologists tend to look to deal with past issues, life coaches focus on the future, helping clients construct and clarify their dreams and life visions, acknowledge their strengths, eradicate their limiting beliefs and unlock their potential to be do and have whatever it is they desire.

Help, guidance and support

We all have dreams and aspirations. Few of us have the skills to get from where we are to where we truly want to be without help, guidance and support. A good life coach will provide exactly that.

Life coaching is an idea whose time has very definitely come.

For those with an inherent passion for people and a desire to be an important catalyst in bringing about a new age characterized by increasing personal freedom, confidence and self-growth, there can surely be no better career than life coaching...

...It’s wonderfully fulfilling - and deservedly lucrative. After all, what value does one place on achieving one’s dreams?

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