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Insights: Live the Life you Love
July 28, 2009

Live the Life you Love

This week Bill argues that living the life you love, not chasing money,
is the route to genuine wealth, prosperity and happiness.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

- Albert Schweitzer

The inspiration for this week's newsletter comes from a gentleman in the United States who calls himself Steven E.

Steven E is the creator of one of a rapidly growing book series called Wake Up...Live the Life You Love. The majority of the twenty plus books in the series have been bestsellers. The unique aspect of the series is that the books contain the contributions of people from all walks of life.

Dedicated to touching and inspiring people

On his website, Steven E maintains he is dedicated to teaching people to find their purpose in life and coaching others on how to build successful businesses that will touch and inspire people around the world.

Building a successful business that stands or falls on the degree to which it touches and inspires other people...

Now that's what I call a great business!

The story of Steven E resonated strongly with me because the whole 'raison d'etre' for his business is so similar to mine (though I don't for one moment pretend that we operate on the same scale).

Finding more enlightened ways to make a living

Perhaps it's because I work in the field of personal development, but it appears to me that more and more people are starting to eschew the traditional models of doing business in favour of more enlightened ways to make a living.

What do I mean by 'more enlightened ways of making a living'?

Well, being in love with what you do is a very big part of it. And if what you choose to do directly benefits others in finding and living the life they love then that, to my mind, pretty much completes the picture.

Living in a material world

Whether we like it or not Madonna was right - this is a material world. To enjoy life on Earth to the optimum most would argue that we need, at least, some creature comforts if not all the trappings that great wealth can offer.

But financial wealth alone does not guarantee an enjoyable life. In fact, very often, the opposite can be true. You just have to read about multi-billionaire reclusive Howard Hughes to see how unhappy his life was!

What counts, surely, is the degree of joy, happiness and fulfillment that you experience in your life?

So can one experience joy without first having plenty of money?

It's about the relationship

Having an abundance of money can serve to heighten the pleasure that one associates with life but, in my view, it's not the amount of money that you accumulate so much as the way you go about generating it, the way you use it and, ultimately, your relationship with it, that makes the difference.

Many people have a relationship with money that is based on fear. Fear of not having enough or of losing what we have. A fear-based relationship tends to manifest in an obsession with making money above all else.

When money becomes the object, not the subject, life starts to lose any other real meaning. Desperation and greed become key motivators in the fight for what is perceived to be a scarce resource.

However, when living the life you love - or living your purpose - is the key motivating force, money is a natural outcome. You will attract as much as you need to create a self-perpetuating cycle of joy and abundance.

Money as a result, not as a pursuit

What I'm advocating is that we need to learn to change our relationship with money. Instead of putting money first in the 'meaning-of-life equation', we should make joy, happiness, fulfillment – let's call it 'living the life we love' - the priority.

This is something that needs to be conveyed to the younger generation. Our parents, with best intentions, put pressure on us to follow career paths that they associated with higher income prospects, in the belief that more money would bring us more happiness. Today we should be encouraging our children to give priority to following their hearts and do what it is they love in the knowledge that the money to sustain them will follow.

Life coaching - a career that fits the bill

There can be few careers as fulfilling as life coaching.

Seeing other people grow and prosper as you connect them with their true potential in an inspiring, supportive and caring environment, is uplifting beyond belief. Have you considered joining the growing numbers of people who are passionate about living the life they love by helping others to experience freedom, self-confidence and personal growth?

If so, why delay living the life you love?

Please, give me a call or visit our website.

With warm regards as always,


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