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Insights: Love and Abundance
June 07, 2011

Love and Abundance

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"To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever."

- Henry Drummond

Occasionally in Insights I like to include articles written by our coaches or trainee coaches as it offers readers a change and a fresh perspective.

Lisa Ann Catano (a New Insights trainee) sent me this intriguing piece that presents much food for thought. With a little editing and her kind approval, I have reprinted it below:

Perfection of harmony, flow and balance

After reading an extract from Ian Jackson’s Animal Portraits by Jean-Henri Fabre, the attitude and behaviour of the 'Vespula Vulgaris', also known as the 'Common Wasp', has captured my special attention. I invite you to journey with me on this school of thought:

"The wasp's nest is made of a thin, flexible material like brown paper, formed of particles of wood. It is streaked with bands of which the colour varies according to the wood used. If it were made in a single continuous sheet it would give little protection against the cold.

But the Common Wasp, like the balloon-maker, knows that heat may be preserved by means of a cushion of air contained by several wrappers. So she makes her paper-pulp into broad scales which overlap loosely and are laid on in numerous layers. The whole forms a coarse blanket, thick and spongy in texture and well filled with stagnant air. The temperature under this shelter must be truly tropical in hot weather.

The Wasp, then, often acts in accordance with the laws of physics and geometry. She employs air, a non-conductor of heat, to keep her home warm; she made blankets before man thought of it; she builds the outer walls of her nest in the shape that gives her the largest amount of room in the smallest wrapper; and in the form of her cell, too, she economises on space and material."

For me, exploring the collective mechanisms of nature within the realms of the universe allows us to appreciate the distinct perfection of harmony, flow and balance. Grass doesn't try to grow, it just grows; fish don't try to swim, they just swim. Affirming the behaviour of the Common Wasp, nature's unbelievable intelligence conjures up insurmountable phenomena without human intervention or leadership. I'd like to divert your attention to another scenario which will also add weight to the stream of thought.

The scale of balance

Prior to successive cataclysms endured by our planet, the evolution of life on Earth was severely limited.

Each cataclysm brought about radical changes to the environment that destroyed the existing form of life while giving rise to many new and more complex forms of life. Without multiple deaths and rebirths of Earth life, the splendour and variety of life forms adorning the globe would not exist. The very events that once choked our planet of breath bequeathed her with eclectic magnificence.

Nature is a song, a dance, a rhythm, if you will. We cannot appreciate day without night or spring without autumn. And so we must come to love the good and the perceived bad as it is all necessary in maintaining the scale of balance of life.

Interconnected and interdependent in abundance

Accepting that all living organisms are interconnected is fundamental to our awareness, emphasising that human beings are inclusive and not separate. All living organisms are dependent on each other to sustain life and humans are no different. For example, if bees were to become extinct, the entire human race would perish in less than four years without their prodigious contribution of oxygen to our atmosphere.

We can take great comfort in the flow of abundance. All living organisms are conduits of abundance; everything we need comes to us and through us. It is the natural cycle of life; the intelligent workings of the universe have made provision for everyone and everything. One of my favourite passages in the Bible sums it up quite nicely, but not in these exact words:

"Birds do not need to worry about what they will eat tomorrow, for they are taken care of."

Life in its natural state is intrinsically abundant. Shortage is something that we humans manufacture through the discord caused by our attempts to control all manner of situations and other people.

So I ask you - what is it exactly that you may be trying to control?

Pain as a gift

The pain we experience in life is often a reflection of going against the current, not listening to the voice of intuition. Pain encourages self-awareness as it forces us to go within and ask: "What is it that I am not paying attention to?"

As with the cataclysms that our Earth endures, the pain we experience is a gift in disguise, a 'catalyst' for our growth.

When we acknowledge this, our spiritual awareness takes on a whole new meaning and we come to discover ourselves with greater depth and inquiry. We begin to want what we've got, not what we don't have. We take gratitude in what we are in the here and now and everything we have is enough. We begin to attract to us everything that we need as we operate from a position of strength as opposed to fear. In other words, we are driven by love which is the true nature of God (Grand Organising Divinity). Why not write a letter to your pain thanking it for bringing you closer to yourself and to your Source.

Love yourself first

The prerequisite for being driven by love is to truly love oneself. The Bible states: "Love thy neighbour as thy self". To love yourself you must first accept yourself, as you are in the present. To accept yourself you must know yourself. To know yourself is to know God, as He is at the Source of all creation.

So wouldn't it be wise to make it your business to really get to know and understand yourself, who you are, what your purpose is and what goals you aspire to? If you had all the money, space and time in the world, how would you choose to spend your days?

Rich rewards

The universe rewards self-love, gratitude and truth. Loving actions towards self and others manifest positive reactions and your 'return on investment' multiplies.

From a space of self love and with an open mind and heart ask yourself:

"What are my possibilities in this abundant universe?"

Then wait, and watch ...

I trust you enjoyed that. My thanks go to Lisa Ann.

Till next week...

Warm regards,


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