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Insights: Love for Mother Earth
October 16, 2007

Love for Mother Earth

It’s been a long, wet and cold winter this year by Cape Town standards. But the onset of Spring has broken the gloom with stunning colour swatches offset against the vibrant green of well-watered vegetation.

As I sat, recently, enjoying the return of the sun and admiring the cycle of nature, I was suddenly brought down to earth by the recognition of how badly weathered parts of our house were looking after being hammered by the relentless winter storms.

Then I tried an old coaching technique – looking for the positive in what at first struck me as a negative.

“I guess this is a great opportunity for me to get back in touch with the home I love so much and treat it to a bit of TLC, so it can share the pride that nature has in showing off its Spring colours,” I thought to myself, feeling instantly better about the obvious work that confronted me.

It’s natural for humans to want to take care of their homes. To a greater or lesser degree, we all have pride in our abodes; most of us like to spend time and effort showing off our places of existence to best effect.

So why, then, do we spend so little time and effort looking after our collective home, planet Earth?

This may or may not strike you as a bit strange, but I am personally convinced that Earth is just another life form - another manifestation of the energy of which we are all constituted - and not just a lifeless rock on top of which stuff fortunately happens to grow.

If what I believe is true, then surely we should all be spending time ‘telling’ the Earth (through our thoughts) how much we love and appreciate it – and doing things to demonstrate that we really care about it? If we continue to disrespect and dismiss the life form that is our exquisitely beautiful home, is it unreasonable to expect that it will be left with no alternative than to teach us responsibility by giving us more wake up calls.

And what wake up calls we could be in for!

Melting ice caps, rising sea levels, freak weather conditions, monster storms, raging fires, changing ocean currents. The kind of phenomena we’ve been witnessing over the past few years – only much worse.

What will it take before we are jolted out of our complacency and made to realize that Earth is not an inexhaustible resource that’s immune to our plundering and polluting?

Can I ask you to do yourself, and our collective selves, a favour?

Be bold... risk the quizzical glances and rude gestures of your family or your neighbours, go outside to where you can see the expanse of terra firma that supports you – and tell it honestly how much you love it, respect it and desire to live in harmony with it.

Don’t worry - the men in white coats are unlikely to arrive – and believe me, if you can bring yourself to be authentic about this, you’ll find the experience enriching and rewarding as you look on the Earth with an entirely new perspective.

Life coaching is what it says it is – coaching in the art of life; helping people to understand that there is so much more to life than the seemingly pointless sleep-commute-work-eat-sleep cycle that so many of us are willing slaves to.

Good life coaching encourages a healthy respect, not only for others, but for creation in general – not least of all, our very own sanctity in the Universe, mother Earth!

If the thought of living a life far removed from rat race appeals to you and you feel there’s a life coach within you screaming to be let out, consider training with New Insights, in your own time and at your own pace, to become a part time or full time New Insights certified life coach.

What could be better than helping others gain personal freedom, experience self confidence and enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of inner growth?

Do it! There’s never been a better time to act.

Till next time...

With much warmth

Bill Burridge

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