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Insights: Money Money Money
December 05, 2007

Money Money Money

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich mans world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich mans world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
Its a rich mans world

Remember the chorus lyrics of the Abba smash hit that was released on 1 November 1976?

With the summer holidays, Christmas time (and all the related financial demands that period brings) fast approaching again, money – or the lack of it - is a subject close to the hearts of most of us and something I felt the need to touch on this week.

People that say “money isn’t everything in life” have a valid point and one that I’ll get to. But, like it or not, money is the form of exchange that makes our worlds go round. It’s not something we can totally live without and it certainly cannot be ignored. So how can we make our relationship with money less stressful and more easy going?

The answer, I feel, lies in properly understanding and following the principles of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

Do me a favour. Stop reading this for a minute or two and think about the number of times a day that money, in whatever context, comes into your thoughts. Then think about what it is about money that tends to dominate the focus of these thoughts.

OK, now read on…

The chances are that lack – not having enough money – is the thing you think about most. If so, you’re definitely not alone. You might be surprised to know that this holds true, not only for people who are genuinely impoverished but also for those who most would consider to be really well-heeled.

Curious, isn’t it?

The problem is that so many of us look at money as an end in itself, not as simply a means to an end. And even those who can see that money is just a means to an end, very often regard it as the ONLY means to the end they desire.

So, we focus, almost exclusively, and usually in a negative way, on the money - and not on what it is that we really desire to have.

Do any of these thought patterns sound familiar?

If only I could earn another R5,000 a month. Then my worries would be a thing of the past.”

“I’m going to need at least another ten grand to get me through the Christmas period.”

“Well, it’s all very well for the Simpsons but for those of us who don’t have the money, we simply can’t eat out every week.”

“I just can’t afford to take the risk of leaving my job, even though I hate it.”

“I’ll just have to continue to put up with his unkind ways. I simply couldn’t afford to get a divorce.”

“If I just keep buying a ticket each week, I just know that one day I’m going to win the lottery.”

“I may have amassed ten million in investments but it’s really not enough to be certain of a comfortable retirement. I wish I was Godfrey, he’s got at least double that amount in property alone.”

Can you see how these trains of thought all focus on lack of money?

The Law of Attraction (find out more about this on our website) says you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. If you focus on thinking about a lack of money, on not having enough, then that’s how life will be for you – you’ll never have enough!

But there is another, far more satisfying and infinitely more enjoyable way to approach life and the important issue of money.

There’s a little three-word mantra that professional life coaches use when helping people to overcome the self-destructive behaviour that can result from an obsession with not having enough money.

Be – Do – Have

Believe me, by understanding and applying this concept, you can dramatically turn your life around, stop focusing on lack of and start appreciating the abundance that you will attract into your life.

It’s the order of these three words that’s really important. If you read over the seven examples of typical thinking above you’ll see that they all start from the assumption that if you have more money you can be and do whatever it is you really want. But because the focus is on not having enough, that’s as far as you get!

To start living life the way it was intended, you need to focus your thinking on the state you truly desire to create for yourself, in other words, what you want to have. If your first thought is “I want to have lots of money” then think again! What state is it that you believe lots of money would help you achieve? Be honest with yourself. Get to the root of your desire – the genuine end, not just the apparent means.

Once you really and truly understand the state that you wish to create, or have, you should immediately start being and doing the things you associate with that state. Use whatever resources you have. Even if you have very little money, you will have plenty of other resources to call on if you really think about it.

By living your dream, i.e. deciding to be the person you want to be and to take the actions - or do - what it is you need to do, you’ll find that, like magic, you will start to attract and manifest what it is you so desire to have.

Now, I said I would come back to the ‘money isn’t everything in life’ point.

Whereas I happen to believe that having an abundance of money is desirable to help achieve ones dreams in life, and that this is available to all of us, I also believe that it is just a tool - a means - to help achieve one’s purpose, and should never be confused with one’s purpose.

For those of you who view your bank accounts as being a little on the slim side, and who admit to occasional feelings of envy for those who seem to have it all, take heart in the fact that the very rich are often the very unhappy, precisely because they have confused the accumulation of personal wealth with their true purpose on this planet!

Perhaps you have experienced the power of the Law of Attraction and the be-do-have process in your own life. Perhaps your desire is to create a thriving business practice in which you coach others to be, do and have whatever it is they desire? Perhaps this is your purpose on Earth – to help others find their true calling?

If you feel a calling to become a well respected life coach, and experience greater personal freedom, self confidence and growth, through helping others escape the shackles of negative thought processes, then why not consider training with New Insights, in your own time and at your own pace, to become a respected life coach?

Till next time

Warm regards


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