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Insights: Out of Control
February 01, 2011

Out of Control

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"People in power need to control others in order to maintain power.
One of the ways to do that is to take that which is threatening and demonize it."

- Jasmine Guy

The Jasmine Revolution

The so called Jasmine revolution that started in Tunisia and has spread to Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan and Yemen is, I believe, a heartening phenomenon.

The uprising of ordinary people who are tired of being controlled for so long by their leaders and governments, has been spurred on by the advent of technology like the Internet and the related social media that enable ordinary people the power to communicate freely with whomever they wish.

Misguided beliefs

I've written a lot in the past about 'control' and those of you who have read some of these articles will know my view that the desire for personal control stems from two primary but misguided beliefs:

  • The scale of one's material wealth and possessions is the only true measure of success; and
  • There is a scarcity of resources.

Dictators, druglords, corrupt officials, despotic leaders and even secret cults all have one thing in common - they share these beliefs. They will go to great lengths to secure and maintain their slice of the 'resources pie' in the belief that it is necessary to deny others in order to have for themselves.

Founded in insecurity

The desire for personal control (keeping others in check in order to prevent them from accessing part of the 'pie') is, ironically, founded in insecurity - a fear of what may happen to the scarce resources if others are allowed to run loose in pursuit thereof.

...And fear begets fear because the weapon of personal control is almost always fear itself. By instilling, in those you seek to control, a fear of the consequences of resistance to the principles or ideology you preach, you keep them under control and maintain your 'advantage'.

...And the easiest way to instill fear is to command the most effective means of communication and sow misinformation that serves to breakdown resistance to your agenda.

Never total and always temporary

Unfortunately for the control freaks, exercising personal control over others can never be total and is always temporary, as some North African leaders are rapidly finding out to their detriment.

As people grow more enlightened and more inclined to think for themselves in the 21st century (thanks to the technologies that I mentioned) the primary beliefs that drive people to want to control others are being seriously questioned.

From 'havingness' to happiness

Enlightened people nowadays seek to define their success by their state of being - their degree of happiness with life - rather than simply the scale of their possessions. And, increasingly, people are realizing that the resources to achieve that are certainly not scarce but available in great abundance.

Slowly but surely, people are starting to realize the extent to which they have been controlled by others in the past and see through the agenda of their controllers.

NO to those who would control

All over the world, as is happening in North Africa right now, great masses of people are starting to realize and exercise their own power - voicing a resounding "NO" to those who would control them!

Let's all work in the interests of personal liberation, to put those who seek to control others where they belong - out of control!

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