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Insights: Overcoming Fear
October 09, 2007

Overcoming Fear

There can surely be nothing in this life quite as debilitating as the feeling of fear.

I’m not talking about the kind of adrenaline rush brought on when you find yourself in sudden and immediate danger – and which can often result in heroic deeds of courage. I’m talking about the chronic, nagging, insidious kind of fear that conspires to rule the daily lives of those who succumb to it.

Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of our inability, fear of failure, fear of others, fear of fear!

Sadly, many, many people live with one or more of these energy-sapping fears as frequent or even constant life partners.

The problem, as those who understand the Law of Attraction will appreciate, is that ongoing fearful thoughts tend to manifest exactly that which is feared, causing and perpetuating a vicious cycle.

My beloved mother was a chronic worrier. She had so many wonderful attributes. A warmer, more generous and caring personality you could not hope to meet, but behind the jolly facade was a lady living with low level, insidious fear of all manner of things. “What if...?” (not in the opportunistic sense, but in the fearful sense) and "I do so worry about..." were consistent refrains of hers.

Her biggest worry, perhaps, was of being lonely and not being loved. As her family, we struggled to understand this fear precisely because we knew her to be such a loveable person.

Sadly for Mum, though, she is now ‘alone’, in an old age home, with no one in her immediate day-to-day surrounds to give her the love she desires. Alzheimer’s disease has robbed her of her memory and her perspective, so that she can barely recognize those of us who do still love her, when we are able to visit.

Fear may seem a rather depressing subject for what purports to be an uplifting newsletter, but the reason I have chosen to talk about it this week, is partly because it is a ‘disease’ that affects so many of us – but also (and here’s the uplifting bit) because it is a ‘disease’ that can easily be overcome.

Being successful in pretty much anything requires focus and practice. Likewise, defeating fear requires concentration. Concentration of one’s thoughts on the state that you are desirous of being in – not the state that you fear.

The next time you feel fearful, reflect on what it is you are thinking that makes you fearful. Now, make a conscious effort to replace those thoughts with thoughts about how you truly want to be, what you passionately wish to do, what it is you genuinely desire to have.

It’ll be tough at first.


Because, in all probability, you have become conditioned to think about what you do not want, what makes you unhappy, what state you do not wish to find yourself in.

But keep it up and after a while, you’ll find it becomes easier and easier.

If, as is likely, your fears are re-inforced or compounded by what you read and hear about in the media, then make the effort to cut out the daily newspapers, stop watching the news, change the radio station in your car to something more soothing to the ear than the regular bad news diet of who killed and maimed who yesterday, why our politicians are all corrupt and how our country is steadily going to the dogs.

When you become adept at focusing your thoughts on what, where and how you DO want to be, you’ll find your life will change - almost magically. People, things and opportunities will suddenly manifest to help you on your way – because you have attracted them with your harmonious vibration. You’ll become aware of all the good that is happening around you and you’ll feel better and more giving in turn.

Life coaching is powerful because it helps people to deal with their fears in the way I have described. It offers them a new sense of self-appreciation for their true worth and ability. It helps to keep them focused on what they desire to be, do and have.

Our mission at New Insights Africa is to become a force for good through the empowerment and development of others – imparting personal freedom, enabling self-confidence and showing the path to personal growth.

If you feel there’s a life coach within you – and you want to unleash it, why not join us?

Train with New Insights Africa, in your own time and at your own pace, to become a part time or full time New Insights certified life coach. Overcome your fear by reminding yourself of your own brilliance!

Yes, you can do it... and there’s never been a better time to act.

Till next time...

With much warmth

Bill Burridge

New Insights Africa Life Coaching Skills Training - Putting an Extraordinary Business within reach of Passionate People.

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