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Insights: Something Very Special
November 03, 2010

Something Very Special

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"This is the true joy of life, the being used up for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one."

- George Bernard Shaw

Wow! I feel exhilaration mixed with exhaustion after a really busy few days running workshops for a select group of New Insights certified coaches.

My old friend Lyn Smith, from the UK, flew over last week to join me in hosting the events that spanned the period from last Thursday through to Monday this week.

A remarkable person

Lyn, head trainer for New Insights, is a remarkable person. I last saw her in early 2009 and, as we trudged up the hill to the Cape Point lighthouse together, she confided in me that certain areas of her own life had gotten out of balance and that she was working hard on attracting the life she truly desired.

Lyn is a very focused and determined lady and as we drove back from collecting her at the airport last week, it came as no surprise to me to find out that she had indeed made some major changes in her life. It was great to see her radiating happiness and excitement for her future. It bode well for what was to come.

Struck by the energy

As we kicked off the first of two back to back workshops, I was immediately struck by the energy, enthusiasm and interest from the assembled coaches in the room. Here was a group of people all closely connected by a passionate desire to help others be the best they can be - all eager to gain exposure to coaching tools and methods that would enhance their ability to deliver their purpose.

The big picture

Appropriately, we started with a session aimed at getting each coach to reflect on his or her 'big picture' or vision for his or her coaching practice. Lyn shared her own amazing dream of making a difference by building schools for disadvantaged children in Africa and some of the coaches picked up the ball and ran with it, sharing their own 'big pictures', some really out there, some much more modest, all incredibly worthy and inspiring.

As we waited for everyone to arrive at the beachfront restaurant for the group dinner on Friday night, I was buoyed by the enthusiastic bonding that I was witnessing between the participating coaches. How wonderful it felt to see such a diverse group of people feeling so closely tied by their common love of helping others and learning how to be the very best at doing so.

Time flies...

Time flies when you're having fun and it seemed all to soon that Lyn and I found ourselves having to wrap up and say our thank yous. Saturday afternoon was time for a little rest and relaxation before commencement of the next workshop that was to start bright and early on Sunday morning.

I felt grateful that I had unwittingly structured the agendas to permit us time off to watch the rugby Currie Cup final. My joy was tempered by the heavy loss inflicted on Western Province by the Sharks - and the thought of having to face a large KwaZulu Natal coaching contingent in the morning!


The second workshop was less about imparting advanced coaching tools and techniques and more about exploring win-win opportunities between New Insights Africa and a select group of coaches keen to represent the brand. As such it was to prove amazingly inspirational and thought provoking.

In the evening as we waited with seemingly infinite patience for our food to arrive (the only blot on a hugely successful few days), the jokers in our pack started a hilarious round of chinese whispering that got everyone at the table in a mood to tell jokes and enjoy the benefit of some serious laughter therapy!

Surprised by their own capabilities

Day two provided an opportunity for coaches to display and hone their presenting skills. To say I was in awe at the end results after Lyn had put them through their paces, layering in different challenges and techniques each time they had to present, is an understatement. Even some of the coaches were taken by surprise by their own capabilities.

As we moved to pack up and take leave of our fabulous training room, perched high up at the top of the resort, and bade farewell to our stunning views of the Atlantic coastline, we felt mixed feelings of elation at what had been achieved and disappointment that our time together had come to an end.

Something very special

Later, as Lyn and I got into reflective mode after five days of workshopping, I was consumed with a powerful feeling that this had been the start of something very special!

As I write this, I feel both proud and excited to be part of the life coaching movement in Southern Africa, tasked with bringing personal freedom, confidence and growth to people from all walks of life!

Till next week...

Warm regards,


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