Spring into Action

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"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"

- Robin Williams

I don't know about you but I love Spring time.

Suddenly the relative gloom of winter recedes, the mornings are lighter and brighter and everywhere there are signs of growth and regrowth. Living where I do I am also privileged to witness the amazing annual pilgrimage of Southern Right Whales into False Bay.

It's almost as if nature calls out to us to dust off the cobwebs, savour a few deep breaths of fresh flower-scented air and spring into action once again!

In the spirit of Spring I decided to offer you a number of resources that may assist you in getting into action with your own regeneration...

Get a professional life coach!

There's absolutely no better way to set and go after your goals and dreams than by hiring a certified life coach.

You'll be amazed at how much more you will get done and how quickly and effectively you will achieve the things you have been putting off for ages.

Experience the power of life coaching in a challenging - yet totally supportive and caring environment.


Get FREE life coaching

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to hiring a certified life coach or you want a 'taster' before e plunging in, why not offer to be a practice client for one of our trainee life coaches?

You'll get a great idea about what New Insights life coaching can do for you and you'll be helping someone complete their practicals as part of our certification process. Most of our trainees charge nothing - or a nominal fee - for a life coaching session.


Join our online journalling programme

Join hundreds of others as they experience the liberating power of online journalling.

Membership of Journal@New Insights Africa is free and you'll automatically get access to a complimentary 52-week self guided journalling programme. Your privacy is totally assured as you set the disclosure levels you feel comfortable with.


Get started on the road to freedom and abundance

At Wings & Wealth we believe there is a more intimate connection between true freedom and material wealth than most people experience.

If you've ever questioned whether pursuing spiritual development while looking to build material wealth is a contradiction - then you simply must subscribe to this site and start a journey towards personal freedom and abundance.


Awaken to the magic of the life you love

Find simple guidelines and thought provoking insights to help you take back control of your life, reconnect with your purpose and enjoy a life of personal freedom and fulfillment.

This intriguing and inspiring book will provide you with compelling reasons to pause, re-evaluate your existence and make the changes that will set and keep you on course for a life of great joy, happiness and fulfillment.


Master Self Confidence, Master Your Life

Success and achievement is experienced in direct relation to the amount of self confidence you have.

If self confidence is an issue you've been grappling with, either overtly or covertly - or simply something you feel you could do with more of, then here's a great resource.

Meet young, vibrant Mark Anastasi and join him on a high energy seminar that will skyrocket your self confidence levels and equip you to achieve far more in life.


Till next week...

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