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Insights: Survival and Prosperity
September 22, 2009

Survival and Prosperity

This week, Bill shares a happening on his homefront that got him thinking about survival in these difficult times and how we are beginning to re-define the meaning of prosperity.

"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine,
freedom, and a little flower."

- Hans Christian Andersen

Some of my more avid readers may have noticed that last week's newsletter never materialised.

Well, I'm afraid my wife and I were engaged in a battle for survival last week!

The terrible two

Not our own survival, thankfully, but the survival of two tiny baby chihuahuas born from a litter of three (sadly, one was stillborn) to our eccentric but much loved 'terrible two' chihuahua man and wife team.

Now, I admit that the introduction to this week's article is risky. Some of you are probably raising your eyes heavenward as I speak, wondering whether I've lost touch with reality. "Surely there are more important things to talk about than the birth of a few mouse-like canine impersonations?" you may well be thinking.

Nevertheless, I have to tell you that 'milking' and syringe-feeding little bundles - that fit with ease into the palm of your hand - every two hours, for four days, is not something to be taken lightly! As a consequence, Insights had to take a back seat!

Survival of the fittest

Despite our bleary-eyed best efforts, my little chocolate-coloured friend, with the white splash behind its neck, quietly succumbed after a week of battling. The good news is that my tan-coloured friend, affectionately named 'Scout' by my daughter before she knew that it was a little girl, has grown into a strong, healthy and rather rotund little puppy.

After all the excitement and tiredness of last week dissipated, I was left to consider the lessons that I had gained from this episode.

As my mind gradually shifted its focus back to business, I started to see the parallels between the little fight for survival that I had witnessed in Chihuahua-land and the fight for survival that so many people have been through with the recent economic crisis.

Meltdown heralds the Consciousness Era

Although, right now, we find ourselves in the midst of quite a severe recession, it seems that we, in South Africa, were fortunate to escape the brunt of the global meltdown. Those of you who have watched American news or popular programmes like Oprah, will have witnessed the spectacular plummet in fortunes that many Americans experienced over the past eighteen months.

Personally, without getting too philosophical, I believe that this global crisis is all part of a fundamental shift that is taking place in our world. It represents one element of a number of seismic changes that we are confronting as we move from the Information Era into what I call the Consciousness Era.

Re-defining Prosperity

People everywhere are starting to question and challenge the materialism-driven 'model for life' that most of us have come to accept, unquestioningly. Many are starting to re-define the meaning of prosperity.

In my youth we were instilled with the view that 'life is darn tough' and that the only way to survive and prosper was to get the best education you could afford, find a well-paid job, work your butt off without complaining and hope to reap the rewards of your accumulated material possessions in a quiet and untroubled retirement.

The more enlightened people of today’s generation are, increasingly, rejecting this model.

More and more, people are recognising that true joy and happiness are connected not with how hard we work but how passionately and lovingly we ‘work’; not with how much we accumulate in external, man-made possessions, but how much we connect with our true internal essence and grow as individuals.

It's not out there... it's inside

The good life derives not from what we have to show off to the outside world but from how good we feel on the inside.

If you want to survive the coming changes and prosper in the new era, I believe you will need an open mind and a bold heart. Open yourself to that which your inner being tells you you need and have the courage to take the action required to go after what it is you truly want.

Here's to our collective pursuit of personal freedom, self-confidence and growth!

Until next time...

Warm Regards,


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