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Insights: The Business of Living
May 06, 2009

The Business of Living

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln

This week, Bill reveals a powerful secret that explains why some people seem to live amazing lives while for most life can remain an uphill struggle.

Just for a moment I want you to indulge my philosophical self…

"If it is true that we humans have been granted free will to think and do as we please on Earth, why do so many of us have lives that are rooted in mind numbingly boring routines and the seemingly never ending pursuit of the goals, objectives and dreams of others?"

That’s a question that I used to ask myself time and time again when I worked in corporate employment.

Week-end regeneration

I remember waking up on a Saturday morning feeling intense relief that the day-to-day grind of the week had temporarily passed and that I could at least begin the process of mind, body and spirit regeneration before the next 'onslaught'.

I recall being overjoyed that, for two short days at least, I could skip the dreaded early morning start, the boring two hour commute to work passing the same old landmarks for the umpteenth time, the usual morning media diet of 'the world’s going to hell in a handbasket' news, the stereotyped and automated greetings from my fellow workers at the office, the furrowed route to my clone-like workstation and the ritual trudge to the coffee machine to prepare for another day of making someone else rich!

A formula for frustration

Many were the times that I would catch myself gazing at the outside world from my glass and concrete confines, trying desperately to make sense of why the formula for enjoying 3 weeks of vocational bliss, glimpsing the wonders of real life beyond the urban jungle, had to include a 49 week work cycle endurance test!

Now, before I get on too much of a roll, let me quick to point out that I always considered myself to be amongst the more fortunate of the working class. After all, I was well educated, working for a well-respected company in what most would agree were some pretty high-powered jobs.

I was also gifted with a high tolerance level and a substantial capacity for 'just getting on with it' and keeping a positive outlook.

But despite all this, I harboured lingering and discomforting thoughts about the merits of the traditionally accepted business lifestyle.

The 'hard grind' of conventional wisdom

Conventional wisdom has always held that the only way to enjoy a better, more fulfilling life is through putting in years of hard grind and shrugging off everything that life throws at you in the hope that you will be healthy and wealthy enough to enjoy the 'golden years of retirement'.

If, as I believed, we humans had been endowed with the gift of free will – and our purpose on Earth was to experience growth, happiness and joy – then somehow, I felt, we must have collectively lost the plot during the design stage!

A powerful secret revealed

My introduction to life coaching and the life change that I embarked upon a few years ago finally revealed to me a simple, yet powerful secret and one that I have alluded to in many previous articles…

…The world we see externally is merely a product of our belief system.

In other words, what we believe about the world and life on it is what we will experience. If we believe that life is about enduring a long hard slog in the hope of enjoying a few golden years in one’s advanced life, then so it will be.

On the flip side, if we believe that the world is an abundant place of unlimited opportunity and contrast; that life is ‘there for the taking’, to be grasped with open arms and experienced to the full - then that’s exactly how we will find it.

The key to this realization comes from understanding the power that each of us has within to design and mould our life the way we truly want it.

An inconvenient caveat

Most of us avoid coming to terms with this awesome power because it comes with a caveat – the need to take responsibility for our life. Sometimes it seems like an easier way out to let someone else control our life and then blame the situation in which we find ourself on other people or forces beyond our control.

Those who are unhappy or discontented with their life, yet feel 'trapped' or 'locked in' to their current lifestyle are simply suffering from lack of control and inability - or unwillingness - to take responsibility for their life. In short, they are allowing the external world to dictate how they live. They are, perhaps unwittingly, serving the agenda of others, while completely neglecting their own.

Taking control and making your imprint

Life coaching, as a formal discipline, is a relatively new phenomenon but one that is perfect for the challenging and confusing times we live in. Life coaches teach techniques and offer tools to help people take back control of their precious lives.

By accepting responsibility and taking back control, people can learn to impose their fingerprints on life rather than bear the scars of life’s footprints upon their bodies and souls!

At New Insights Africa, our mission is to bring personal freedom, confidence and growth to the people from all walks of life in South and southern Africa, through training and developing a country wide network of high quality, inspired life coaches.

Perhaps you’d like to join us? If you’re a person with integrity and you have a passion for people, we have the structure, the skills training and the support to help you develop a hugely fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle business.

With warm regards.


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