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Insights: The Fragility of Life
March 10, 2010

The Fragility of Life

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In this week's article, Bill explains how the birthing process of the family's pet chihuahuas brought him back to terms with the fragility of life and the importance of living it to the full.

Sometimes, a wake up call to remind us of just how precious and fragile life really is, is appropriate.

It can serve to shake us out of the day-to-day routines that consume us and eat away at our time on Earth. It can encourage us to make the changes - big or small - required to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Life - so fragile, such a privilege

There have been a number of depressing reports in the news recently of people killed in accidents that just shouldn't have happened. Loss of life is always sad to read about but it does have the effect of underlining just how fragile our hold on life is - and how important it is that we enjoy the time we are privileged to spend here.

The chihuahua saga continues

Some loyal Insights readers may remember me recounting the story of our struggle with birthing baby chihuahuas over the past year.

Well, six months ago after helping one little bundle survive after the death of its two siblings (this after four failed attempts six months prior) my wife and I decided enough was enough and that the whole process was just too draining and traumatic to endure for a third time.

In any case, we felt privileged to have hung on to the very endearing and beautiful little Layla (who is curled up on my lap as I write this) and more puppies in the house simply weren't necessary, now that our daughter has recently moved out to become a full-time student.

So, when the mother, Cleo, came into season again earlier this year, we quickly whipped young Toby, the very handsome long haired Dad, off for the 'snip' hoping to stave off any more drama.

Alas, it soon became clear that our timing was a day or two out as we watched Cleo get steadily bigger around the middle and Toby take on a smug look of one that had clearly enjoyed a last fling that was never meant to be!

Bleary eyed in the wee hours

In the wee hours of Monday morning (another example of great timing!) Cleo announced with much frantic digging and scurrying around, that she was ready to deliver the latest batch of pups into the world and Jenni and I, bleary eyed, prepared for another chapter in chihuahua birth support.

Losing the plot or a powerful analogy?

Now, many of the more hardened male readers of Insights may be reading this thinking that sleep deprivation may have finally caused me to lose the plot. After all, the topic of chihuahua puppy birth is a long way from anything related to life coaching and the more pressing issues of the real world, not so?

Perhaps, but as I sipped on my inordinately early morning coffee, watching Cleo make final preparations for the big event, I was consumed by a feeling of how precious and fragile life (any life) really is. Layla had been the sole survivor from two previous litters of seven in total and I wondered with understandable trepidation how the latest batch would fare.

The importance of living life to the full

This period of contemplation, together with a brief reflection on the lives of deceased parents, brought home to me the importance of living life to the full - extracting as much joy, satisfaction and fulfillment from it as is possible.

I smiled, with some pride as I confirmed to myself just how vital and powerful life coaching - the business that now forms an integral part of my life purpose - truly is in today's world.

I wonder how you feel about your life? Is it as meaningful and enjoyable as you would like it to be? If not, it's time to make some changes, changes that you intuitively know will bring you into alignment with your own reason for being.

Making changes

As you consider the prospect of making changes, take careful note of the thoughts that immediately spring to your mind.

If you find them dominated by 'worst fears' or constant 'but what ifs' don't be alarmed - this is simply your ego's way of protecting you from the possibility of loss of face or embarrassment.

Learn to override this 'protection' mechanism. Every time you feel 'worst fears' type thoughts coming on, make a conscious effort to replace them with thoughts about the many wonderful opportunities that the change you are considering could open up.

As you begin to lose your fear and embrace the idea of change, your life will take on a new and more exciting dimension.

Miniature bundles of life - and joy!

By the way, as I write this I'm pleased to say that Cleo has produced three tiny palm sized, but apparently strong and healthy, little bundles of living joy!

Warm regards - Bill.

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