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Insights: The Power to Transform
April 08, 2008

The Power to Transform

The week-end weather in the Fairest Cape offered us a little foretaste of Winter as the temperatures dropped fairly markedly from the highs of last week and a few chilly squalls of rain blew in from the North. With my modest attempts at gardening made somewhat more unpleasant than they might normally be, I retreated inside and fired up the computer to deal with a backlog of messages from last week.

I was inwardly warmed by a number of messages from our coaches and trainee coaches that served to remind me of the wonderful power that coaching has to transform lives.

Not that I really needed reminding, of course – my own life was transformed eighteen months ago through my introduction to New Insights life coaching – and Neil Asher (founder of New Insights) and Sharon Frith (my personal coach) in particular.

But I have to admit that hearing stories and experiences about what it has done for others, is what really ‘floats my boat’!

In one of the messages I received, the writer told me how his introduction to the New Insights coaching programme had completely changed his outlook on life – from believing that the grass was perpetually greener in his neighbours’ back yards to the sudden realization that he already had – and was achieving – everything he truly wanted! He had just never had the tools and – forgive me – the insights to look internally for his well-being and fulfillment rather than externally as many of us are inclined to do.

In another message, a lady trainee from Durban shared some very personal feelings that she experienced on her journey towards becoming a coach.

She explained how she had bought the programme with great excitement and enthusiasm only to be brought down to earth when she struggled to attract practice clients with her offer of free coaching sessions. After, in her words, “almost giving up” something told her to revisit the materials again.

And taking that action exposed her to the revelation that she had fallen into the very trap that coaches are supposed to help clients extricate themselves from. She had become prey to the life-sapping qualities of her very own limiting beliefs.

Armed with the tools to overcome this regression in behaviour, she took the necessary corrective steps and has bounced back to make great strides towards her eventual certification.

Another trainee told me about how he had finally found the way to bring his dreams and visions, held for many years, to life.

The New Insights programme had acted as the catalyst for a man, already heavily involved in the personal development industry, to make a major step up towards genuine life fulfillment.

The last message that I want to mention came from a somewhat unexpected source.

I sold a programme, many months ago, to a lady who had spent many years as a home executive, tending faithfully to the needs of her husband and family whilst selflessly ignoring her own development needs. I had since not heard from her or received any self-tests, so had mistakenly assumed that she had been unable to find the time and/or inclination for her studies.

The message I received over the week-end was not from her, it was from her husband!

He was full of praise for the programme, claiming that his wife had just finished coaching him through all thirteen sessions and that, as a result, he was about to fulfill a long-held dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

As I reflect back on the many positive messages I get from coaches, trainee coaches and clients, from people with very little educational background or no business experience to people with multiple degrees and those running big corporations, I am left with this overwhelming conclusion:

The true secret to happiness lies in how well we know, trust and value ourselves – internally. Society, however, tends to value us according to how much externally-focused knowledge and experience we have. As a consequence, few of us ever take sufficient time, or make sufficient effort to seek out or learn the tools, tips and techniques we require to get to know and appreciate ourselves deeply enough to bring about the life transformation we desire.

The act of transforming one’s life into one in which the experience of joy, fulfillment, satisfaction and gratitude is the norm, rather than the exception, would seem to many of us to be about as difficult as navigating our way back to shore from the middle of False Bay in a dense fog without a GPS, a compass or a cellphone.

With a good GPS, a compass and some means of communicating with the shore, the task suddenly takes on a far easier, and even quite exciting, complexion!

Life coaching provides those tools to make transforming one’s life both a profoundly realistic and a thoroughly ‘do- able’ proposition.

By purchasing the New Insights life coach training programme our customers have bought the tools so vital to helping them navigate successfully through the fog of everyday life to where they really want to be.

Not only that, but they’ve invested in the skills and equipment they need to help others reach their own desired destinations and in so doing assured themselves of a life of fulfillment.

Perhaps you’d like to consider joining them? If so, why not start by visiting our website and ordering our free brochure, or just giving me a call. I’d love to hear from you.

Till next week…

Warm regards


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