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Insights: The Power Within
May 20, 2009

The Power Within

This week’s article was written by a guest, Edgar Smit ( with minor adaptations by Bill). Edgar, or Eddie, is a regular reader of - and contributor to – Insights.

Eddie wrote a book titled 'The Guarantee', published in 2008 by FutureShock, in which he shares many fascinating revelations that he claims were directed to him by the Creator of the Universe (who Eddie refers to as 'The Guarantor'). Eddie is now a motivational consultant with a keen interest in life coaching.

Most of us possess sufficient inner power to achieve the success and happiness we desire.

The trick is to understand how to unlock this power within.

Tony Robbins and other great motivators of our time, use their teachings to help individuals to unlock this power. However, there are very simple methods, which every individual can apply to help tap into their 'hidden' power.

In my book The Guarantee I disclosed many amazing revelations given me, which assisted me to understand how we are all intimately connected to the universe’s awesome power. In simple terms, we are made up of energy - created in the image of the Creator, the primary energy source of the universe. We are, in truth, not flesh and blood but spirit housed in a body of flesh and blood. Our power does not come from the body but from the spirit. The body is merely a vehicle, which we can utilise to deploy our inner power.

The universe consists totally of energy, which has the capability to transform into different shapes and sizes and forms. We are part of the universe and our spirits are part of the eternal aspect of the universe. Our energy, being part of the source of energy in the universe, therefore has the ability to connect with all energy streams and objects in the universe, including other individuals.

Amazingly, scientists have recently discovered that our intelligence is not our wisdom but the capacity, which we possess, to deploy our inner capabilities. Our wisdom and power is our spirit. This is described as our emotional IQ – or EQ. The power available to us needs a connection through our psychological processes to ensure that we can utilise it.

For a very long time this connection was unknown to man, although it was always there. Everything we do originates from our thoughts, which put into motion a chain of events that eventually results in action, and by that action we achieve our goals.

Unfortunately, until very recently, we never associated our thoughts with a hidden power source. Our intelligence quotient, or IQ, has, up to now, been viewed as our power source. Thoughts were taken for granted. No one realised that our thoughts are the connection between our energy power and our physical deployment of that power.

It has now been discovered that thoughts have psychological waves that move through the universe like sound waves. The implication of this is that if one can find a way to tune in to another individual’s thought waves (in the way one currently tunes into radio or TV broadcasts) one will gain the ability to communicate with that individual over long distances without needing to be in the range of sight of that person.

When two people say the same thing or think of the same thing at the same time they may use words like: "You have taken the words right out of my mouth." Most often it is put down to coincidence. The fact is, however, that we all have this innate ability to connect psychically. Most of us are just not capable of utilising it.

I dedicated one whole chapter The Guarantee to thoughts, such is the importance thereof. Thoughts are now quite widely recognised as the most important function of our whole existence. The power of thought, and the source energy of which we are constituted, are now viewed as the most important powers we posses.

Everything we do and achieve is ignited, at first, by one single thought. Our thoughts vibrate through the universe, like sound waves. One of the scientists studying in this field, M. M. Williams, has the following to say:

"These thought vibrations, like sound waves, electricity, magnetic forces etc. cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt in the ordinary way, although it is true there are on record cases of persons peculiarly sensitive to psychic impressions who have perceived powerful thought waves and very many of us can testify that we have distinctly felt the thought vibrations of others, both while in the presence of the sender and at a distance."

The concept of telepathy and related phenomena are not just the stuff of science fiction movies. Hypnosis is simply a form of thought control. Meditation is a means of searching for the power within us.

Most people view meditation as a process to relax the mind and the body. That is passive meditation. The most powerful meditation, which the ordinary man is not aware of, is creative meditation. Monks from the East used creative meditation for centuries, but it is only now that western civilizations are starting to realise the power of this process. Individuals who have the power to move objects and have the capability to overcome earth’s gravity by applying their minds have demonstrated the power within.

I recently met a quantum physicist who realized and appreciated the power of thoughts. During his studies he concluded that thoughts are the most potent human power the human being possesses. Thoughts connect with all thinking processes in the universe. Thoughts have the power to control and harness the energy at their disposal. They are the most powerful weapon available to the human being for managing and manipulating the energy of the universe.

Many people, nowadays, are coming to terms with the fact that they may possess the ability to employ their thoughts to achieve their goals. However, mastering their thoughts as a creative force often proves difficult, if not impossible. The key, as Eastern meditation gurus will attest to, is to direct one’s thoughts so as to become a powerful energy booster towards achieving one’s goals. The art of thought manipulation entails using only positive thoughts to create powerful energy. Negative thoughts are as powerful as positive ones and the trick is to shut out negative thoughts from your mind.

The energy forces of the universe consist of positive and negative streams moving side by side and occasionally crossing. Successful thought manipulation requires the ability to connect mainly with the positive stream and positive waves.

Our psychic ability is our IQ and our wisdom and power ability comes from our Emotional IQ or EQ, which is situated in the spirit and which gives us the edge. Passive meditation is an excellent way to connect with the spirit, which, in turn, allows us to draw on our wisdom by applying manifestation meditation. In other words, we have to learn how to draw on our wisdom and then utilise our energy capability to employ the wisdom to create action, which helps us to achieve results.

We know, that some individuals with lesser IQs can achieve far more than those with superior IQs. Discovering our energy make up and our thought wave capability has opened up a new frontier of knowledge.

Our spiritual being is our powerhouse and it expresses itself through our brain capacity and psychological processes. The saying: "Find yourself first then you will find the real you, with all its capacity and capability," has never been closer to the truth. Scientists have realized this truth. Whereas past research focused on the capacity (IQ) of the human being, the focus is shifting to the Emotional IQ or EQ that scientists now know is the real powerhouse of the human being.

Our modern world has become sceptical about spiritual capability. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to announce something to the modern world as a revelation if you are unable to back it up with proof in the form of scientific facts.

I find it hugely exciting to see that the revelations I have been privileged to receive are now being acknowledged by new scientific research. Nonetheless, there is still much to learn about emotional intelligence, because of the great difficulty we have measuring it.

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