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Insights: Three Years Old
July 20, 2010

Three Years Old!

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"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

- Mark Twain

Insights takes a different focus this week.

Very occasionally we take the liberty of allowing ourselves the luxury of a little inward focus. And, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the launch of New Insights Africa we ask you, dear reader, for your indulgence in allowing us to do just that!

Programme upgrade

For starters, we're proud to announce that our third birthday also coincides with the launch of Version 3 of our home study life coach training program. OK, it's not entirely coincidental - we were pretty excited about doing the '3' thing!

The new version does not represent any major shift away from our tried and trusted roots. All we've tried to do is make the skills training even easier to read, understand and apply - and we've updated the look and feel of it too so that its easy on the eye!

Freedom, Confidence, Growth

You see, our mission is to touch the lives of as many people as we can, in a positive way. We do that by training great life coaches who, in turn, go out and engender personal freedom, confidence and growth amongst the many clients they work with.

The CAFE Approach

Our mission requires a program that is convenient, affordable, flexible and effective (we call this the 'CAFE' approach).

The program focus is on creating understanding of skills and techniques along with ease of practical application - not on conveying high-falluting academic models that impress only on paper. The coaching structure and session notes that we supply with the program really do work - they've been tested by thousands of coaches around the world who've been generating terrific results for their clients.

Business Savvy

A unique feature of our program is the inclusion of extensive advice on setting up and running a successful practice - by this we mean the preparation of a business plan, small business marketing skills, how to sell your services and the A to Z of running a successful business.

It's a fact, overlooked by many, that anyone who wants to be a successful life coach needs to have more than just great life coaching skills.

Our half-ton!

Some while ago we reached a very gratifying milestone when we awarded a certificate of completion to our 50th New Insights trained life coach in southern Africa.

With a trainee base of nearly 300, all of whom are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the certification process, we're excited about the rapidly growing influence that New Insights is having, both directly and indirectly.

And our ton plus!

On the subject of milestones, this little newsletter, or e-zine if you like, has reached a couple of serious milestones of its own. All in all there are now over 120 articles stored in back issues.

So if you're looking for some human inspiration on pretty much any topic, look no further than Insights back issues!

Onwards and upwards

Finally, a major word of thanks to all you loyal readers - so generous in your regular commentary, for which we have recently started the Insights Forum.

With your continued interest and support we are looking forwards to a fascinating and very positive next three years!

Again, thank you!

Till next week...

Warm regards,


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