Wings & Wealth is Born!

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Well dear readers, Spring has finally arrived!

Spring is traditionally a season associated with regeneration, growth and new life, so it seems entirely fitting to announce the birth of a 'new baby' on this, the first of September!

Welcome to Wings & Wealth!

I've been working with my good friend and colleague, Devin Iyer, for the past few months bringing to life a concept that we had been exploring for some time.

Spiritual seeker

Devin is a fascinating man, having spent a few years in India seeking the truth and living the life of a 'contemplative monk' as he puts it. He returned to South Africa to confront the cold, hard truth of what it means to earn a living and this prompted him to start reconciling the seemingly conflicting issues of money - and material wealth - with spiritual enlightenment and self growth.

Traditional man

My own background reflects a stark contrast to that of Devin's as I spent the best part of a quarter century pursuing 'success' - defined by material gain - on the corporate treadmill, only to be faced with the realization that true happiness and freedom comes only from following your purpose and doing what you love.


So, our paths were meant to cross and when they did we quickly recognized a commonality of interest - to find complete harmony between the spiritual and materials aspects of life, and to inspire and empower others to greater levels of freedom and abundance.

Wings & Wealth is born

With Wings & Wealth we aim to show that there is a more intimate connection between true freedom and material wealth than most people currently experience - and to bring this connection to light. We're passionate about orchestrating positive change with a focus on wealth and prosperity, freedom and abundance, enlightenment and power - for the individual and for all of humanity.

An invitation to join us

Today I would like to extend an invitation to all loyal Insights readers, who share an interest in this subject, to subscribe to Wings & Wealth.

Not only is subscription free, but to celebrate the launch, we've assembled a special gift pack - five fascinating eBooks - as a bonus for those who join.

Click here (or cut and paste this link into your Internet browser) to find out more:

Be sure to let us know what you think of the site!

Till next week...

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