You Create Your Reality

Have you ever heard the saying: “There are people who make things happen, people who watch what happens and people who wonder what happened”?

Be honest. Which category do you fall into?

At New Insights we believe that you create your own reality.

Now, some of you reading this will be nodding in agreement, thinking: “So what’s new?” Others will be struggling to come to terms with this statement, thinking: “How can that be? I am just one tiny life form on this planet. Whether I like it or not, my reality is created for me.”

Many people fall somewhere in between, believing that they have some, but not complete influence over their own reality. A special few have found the ‘sweet spot’ in life!

The see-saw of life

Imagine for a moment that life is a gigantic see-saw with people existing at all points along the beam! For those at either end of the see-saw, life seems to be an endless series of ups and downs, forever out of balance, lacking consistency and real meaning.

Lets take a look at the people on the far left of the see-saw:

The 'controllers'

Some people misguidedly believe that to create their own reality with any assuredness, they need to gain control - or exert power - over others; to manipulate and influence others, either overtly or subtly, to follow their way of thinking. Feeling ‘in control’ makes them feel good, at least in the short term. If they don’t get their way - if they feel their control is threatened - they feel terrible and are likely to resort to ever less subtle and potentially more ruthless ways to obtain the dominance and influence that they feel will provide the security to assure their reality.

You’ll not have to look far to see examples of people who try to create their desired reality through controlling others. You’ll find controlling types as the instigators in abusive or unequal relationships, in schools (“bullies”), in street gangs, in positions of authority in corporations and in politics, in fact you’ll find them just about everywhere.

Controllers fail to appreciate two very important things.

Firstly, we live in a Universe in which there is abundance. We do not have to ‘fight’ for scarce resources. There is plenty for all of us if we just earn to ask… and understand how to receive… what it is we desire.

Secondly, by seeking to take away another’s freedom, by attempting to control others in some way, you will always lose your own freedom.

Now, let’s take a look at the types on the far right of life’s see-saw.

The 'passive observers'

The passive observer is someone who believes their life is shaped by ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ or some power over which they have absolutely no control. They choose to simply watch this ‘mysterious world’ go by without taking any action to change their situation, believing that any such exertion would amount to a fruitless waste of time.

Very often, passive observers will fall prey to controllers. They accept that being dominated or pushed around is ‘their fate’ or perhaps their punishment, for previous wrongdoings and submit to those who would manipulate them or deprive them of their freedom.

Like with controllers, passive observers are to be found everywhere. In relationships, in business, in the sex industry, in the family home – you name it.

Now, imagine yourself standing at the fulcrum – the point of balance – on the gigantic see-saw of life. Suddenly, your outlook seems consistent, stable, focused and perfectly in balance.

Like the few fortunate others, you’ve found the ‘sweet spot’!

The 'deliberate creators'

The deliberate creator knows that there is only one person responsible for their reality – and only one person who can change it. Themselves.

They understand and respect that other people create their own reality – and whereas they may unselfishly offer to assist, guide and coach others who express a desire for that, they do not feel responsibility or guilt for the realities that others have created for themselves.

Deliberate creators feel joy, appreciation and gratitude for the fact that we humans have been granted the privilege of expressing our free will. They understand that, like all others, they can use this free will to bring about the reality they desire simply by harnessing the Law of Attraction. They understand that what predominates in our thoughts is what we manifest, whether we like it or not.

Deliberate creators live life to the full knowing that whatever they desire to be, do or have, the Universe (or God, if you prefer) will provide. They act on the prompts, signals and opportunities that the Universe lays out for them, refusing to dismiss these as mere coincidences or random events. They accept with gratitude – and act on - apparent setbacks in their life, knowing full well that these are just opportunities for growth masquerading as challenges.

Yes, you can create your own reality.

Now I don’t, for one minute, proclaim to be the master of deliberate creation. I know full well that I am simply a student with plenty to learn. But, the knowledge that I am responsible for my own reality and the understanding that I am perfectly equipped to create it, as I want it, sends shivers of excitement and anticipation down my spine.

I wonder how it makes you feel – and whether you even believe in it?

Perhaps you are a master already, in which case I salute you.

But perhaps, like so many of us, you are just opening your eyes to the prospect of being a deliberate creator of your own reality. If so, one way to start on this amazing journey of discovery is to get a life coach.

Another way is to train to become a life coach yourself. Learning the principles of good life coaching is a powerful form of self development that will not only equip you to create the wonderful reality that you so desire for yourself – but to assist others to do the same.

If this resonates with you, and you’ve decided to be one of those who make things happen, then New Insights Africa is here for you.

Please visit our website, drop me a line, or give us a call today.

Till next time

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