by Shamiel

Is your certificate SA Seta accredited, or does it have SAQA accreditation?

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Feb 07, 2019
Update request
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Ian,

As far as I am aware nothing has changed in this regard, although COMENSA has since become professionally recognised by SAQA. It might be worth checking with them.

Best wishes


Feb 07, 2019
Update required
by: Ian Houston

Hello Bill,

Could you please update me regarding your latest status with regard to this statement of 2013? ie. Has your position changed because there may very well still not be a unit standard for life coaching?



Apr 11, 2013
SETA Accreditation
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Shamiel

SETA accreditation is useful for companies who provide training to corporates and other businesses as the skills development levy paid by those companies can be (partially) recouped.

New Insights markets almost exclusively to personal consumers who cannot claim against the SDL and therefore pursuing SETA accreditation is not really a value-add for us.

We did consider it a while back but as there is currently no SAQWA unit standard against which life coach training courses can be accurately measured such a standard would have to be developed from scratch.

New Insights is a fully paid up institutional member of COMENSA and our training is recognised by this body.

In addition we carry the international accreditation of the CPD Standards Office for our Life Coach Training & Certification programme.

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