by charlotte orpen

Which is the most marketable and in demand coaching to pursue. Also there are so many accreditations and certifications I get confused. I am very new in this field and need to know which one to look out for and is the best to have.


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Aug 13, 2015
Dealing with your confusion
by: Bill Burridge

Hi Charlotte,

I take it you are asking which avenue of coaching is most in demand?

This is a very difficult question to answer and I'm not sure that there is any research on this.

Life coaching (which is what we specialise in) is primarily offered to individuals although many more progressive companies do hire life coaches to offer sessions to their staff. Life coaching is growing exponentially due to the difficulties that people experience in what is generally very stressful, modern day living. Fees for life coaching are generally lower than for other forms of coaching but there is no lack of demand for good life coaches who can deliver results – and it is growing.

Business coaching involves working with businesses to improve their fortunes and is quite different from life coaching. Because of the target market fees are generally quite high and can sometimes be negotiated on the basis of performance.

Executive coaching involves working with executives to improve their business performance and can be very high paying but it does require a sound understanding of executive work and business. Once again, most progressive companies would hire coaches for their top (and sometimes senior executives).

All forms of coaching are becoming more in demand as the value of coaching becomes established.

With regards to accreditations, they are generally less important in life coaching where prospects tend to be more interested in the coach's track record of delivering results (testimonials) than accreditations. Some form of formal accreditation is more important when you want to work with corporate clients.

COMENSA has recently started accrediting coaches (but not yet coach training institutes) and our recommendation to our trained coaches is to pursue this.

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