Adding Product and Volume Options To Your Practice

You’ve worked hard to land a client.

You've spent good money on marketing and promotion, invested hours on making the initial connection and been diligent with your follow-ups. Now things have come together and you've gained a new client!

Now, to be sure you get the maximum value from the relationship that you’ve carefully nurtured, think about what else you can sell to your client.

Could your client derive more benefits from their interactions with you? Can you offer additional services?

Here's how to add even more value for your client:

Adding Backend Products or Services

Offer your clients the opportunity to add related items to their basic purchase from you; items that when combined will increase the level of satisfaction and significance of the ultimate result more conveniently, completely and efficiently. Imagine purchasing a bicycle. Wouldn’t it be of service to you if the sales assistant helped you to buy a lock, light and a helmet as well ... and perhaps even insurance for your new bike?

These extras will enhance the overall value and experience of your purchase and you will go away thinking that the bike shop has really looked after you.

Adding Volume or Time Options

Help your clients to decide the best quantity and quality grades in which they want to purchase your goods or services. Or how long they want a service to continue.

Don’t limit their options or choices to less quality or quantity or a shorter duration than they desire. Allowing your clients to order one product per week may work well, but they might prefer it if you let them order two or three products per week at a discount for buying in bulk.

You could even set up year long supply systems so that their order is taken care of for the year.

Why restrict the number of times a client buys from you? Some of your clients may not even know that there is a better version of what they are currently buying that would serve them more and add a lot more value for a small increase in what they are paying.

Adding combinations

Give your clients the opportunity to buy packages and combinations of goods or services. That better help them achieve the result that they want with one easy purchase

Give clients upgrade options and you'll find a number of them will take the highest priced option because they perceive and desire the benefit from the value add you are offering.

Try offering value-adding combinations in your coaching business. You will be surprised how this one small thing will increase your bottom as well as the overall satisfaction of your clients.

The material above has been extracted from the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme

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