by Joanne Marx
(Durban, KZN)

What Certification does your programme have in SA?

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Feb 19, 2008
Thanks Joanne
by: Bill Burridge

New Insights offers a Certificate of Completion to those who complete both the theory and practical requirements (subject to NIA review) which includes:
- completion of self tests for all seven training manuals
- completion of fifteen Session One practice coaching sessions with practice clients
- completion of one entire Session One through Session Thirteen coaching programme with one practice client
- completion of a three hour open-book exam

On attainment of our Certificate of Completion you would be entitled to refer to yourself as a New Insights Certified (or Accredited) Life Coach.

Nov 22, 2007
Thanks Joanne
by: Bill Burridge

New Insights has its own accreditation programme, which, if followed to completion, will result in the student receiving a certificate - and the right to claim "New Insights Certified Life Coach" in advertising or on stationery.

Our accreditation requirements include completion of all programme self tests, to a level that demonstrates appropriate level of understanding of the course material; completion of around 40-50 hours of practical coaching experience, with client assessments; and passing of a final open book exam.

I should add that COMENSA, the Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa, together with CTASA, the Coach Training Association of South Africa, is currently debating appropriate membership criteria for different levels of membership to the body. (This process is likely to continue for a year or more). New Insights Africa aims to take an active role in this process and - if necessary and appropriate - we will adjust our own accreditation requirements to align with COMENSA's requirements for practitioner membership.

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