Client: Dawn, Durbanville, W Cape

by Dawn Schlorf
(Cape Town South Africa)

Hi First off I am sixty years old, suffer from nerve pain after having a tumour removed from my spinal cord a few years....I have suffered with depression for many years.
I would like to be more motivated to get up in the mornings and do my work....lately I just cannot/don't.
As I have extensive medical issues....I constantly have to overcome the pain barrier daily and the same issues every day.
If I don't work...I cannot look after myself....I lose my independence
Also I have become very reclusive...and am very obese, part medical problems, part lifestyle problems.
I am not mobile as in don't drive...use Uber for short distances, but basically don't drive due to the pain.
I started swimming at the gym, rather water excited to do this, then started having panic attacks...Doctor said it was due to too much adrenaline in my system (I have high amounts due to pain levels)...started taking beta blockers....went back to the gym and dislocated a rib...having this had x-rays to find out that the rest of my spine is a bit messed up as well.
I really do try...but just seem to attract the obstacles along the way...
Any help/suggestions/contact numbers of life coaches in my area will help.
I am willing to be with a trainee if they ready for the challenge...
I do have two wonderful sons in their thirties and they do support but have their own lives to lead....Blessings and regards

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Mar 25, 2018
Trainee looking for practice client
by: Gerda Hayes

Hi Dawn, I am trainee coach looking for practise clients. I live in Stellenbosch. I really believe I can help you overcome your many obstacles.

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