Client: Jorn2, Cape Town

by Jörn M
(Cape Town, WP)

HI, I am Jörn-54 years old, quite successful yet never fully. I fell in love with a much young girl and found out that I cause her anxiety with my control and anger issues--even though I have these positive intentions behind it all and certainly contributed allot to the relationship---so it seems to me. Please coach me to not crush others just because I feel hurt or misunderstood. Let me have more compassion for others ( I do not want to loose my emotions) , but I do not want this sens of loneliness leading me to be hurt and than super angry because I can not cry or feel hopeless. I am not a monster, I am just so passionate about it all---and not many people seem to understand or can bare me. That makes me lonely and hurt---turning to anger--which I do not want to have. Many thanks Jörn - Cape Town

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