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I am in my late 30's and currently employed on a full time basis as a sales coordinator. I work 6 days a week and am married with a 9 year old girl.

My choice of job has purely been based on survival... I never had the chance or opportunity to follow a dream job or passion, I had to go straight to work the minute I matriculated.
I managed to study a certificate course in event management in 2005 via distance learning and by 2012 completed my first year first semester in marketing management via distance learning.

These educational choices were easier at the time because I had less responsibility, since being married I travel further from home to work ad do the school drop off as well as all the responsibilities that come with being a wife and parent, life work balance is really difficult at the moment.

In my youthful days challenges drove me, now I see them as major hurdles in life's struggles... I have been job hunting to try and get a monday to friday job to try and study again over weekends but to no avail, I have been job hunting for more than 4 years.

I have tried to study for more than 7 attempts and just end up wasting my money because I do not have the time to give it my full attention. so what could take a distance learner 6 months to complete could with luck take me 18 months to complete with my current lifestyle. I have seen a life coach before who tried to assist me with changing routines where my husband could assist, however he is of no support where my career is concerned, all he is good at is reminding me about how I am not getting anywhere in life.

I am looking for a life coach that can help me find a way to study again and choose a course that I believe will get me success in my future.... or potentially get some life balance... not sure if this is possible considering all my many failed attempts... and many rands wasted.

I look forward to you r response.

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Jun 07, 2017
by: Jardine (Herman) Louw

Hi Joshna
Your situation is definitely not a simple one. My wife was actually in the same position a few years ago when she started doing a BCompt through UNISA.I can tell you now that it was totally a family effort but she did graduate after 5 years.
If you give me a call on 081 323 3937 or email me at we can arrange a chat on Skype and see if I can help you.

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