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I need advice or just a steer in the right direction please. I went through a terrible divorce in 2013 -2014 after years of emotional and mental abuse. Finally made the decision to divorce as it came to a stage where there would be nothing left of me for my children. I have 3 kids, two girls and a boy. After the divorce I had to move to another town to get away from the ex as he was making my life a living hell, he is a typical narcissist. Anyway, we moved and 3 months later I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 33, not knowing anyone there and had absolutely no support. I lost everything due to medical expenses and because I was so sick with chemo, unable to work.

I really could not handle the chemo and was in hospital after every session. Then all the operations I had, and believe me there was quite a few of them. I have an awesome medical team looking after me and would push me every time I wanted to give up. The last op was in May this year where prof tried to reconstruct my breasts with my own tissue, the other side worked, but the cancer side had just too much damage from the radiation and he had to do a mastectomy again, I had 3 mastectomies done on the cancer side already. Honestly I never knew it was possible, but apparently it is.

I want to write a book with my experiences and how I managed to survive this and I want to talk to people, make them aware of cancer and just motivate. I am sure that my story will be able to help people, especially when they are ready to give up.

Can you assist or put me in contact with someone who can?

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Sep 09, 2017
by: Jardine Louw

I am not sure that you need coaching, but if you do you can contact me on Otherwise you can actually get a "ghostwriter' to write your story if you dont feel up to it, just google it. You can also start a facebook page and share with people on the page, check out Monica Henning Piek on facebook, she is also a cancer survivor.
Hope it helps.
All the best.
Jardine Louw

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