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Client: Prince, Johannesburg

by Prince
(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa )

About 3 years ago I was addicted to crack Cocain for 14 years, I even lost my home. I got into depression and stayed on the streets cause I couldn’t face people and the fact that I’ve lost in life. I felt like a failure and that nothing will ever work out for me. I had given up. I grow up in the poor side of Johannesburg Soweto in South Africa, dominated by crime and violence. I’ve sold drugs and used. I had been involved in different kinds of criminal activities.

After so much pain I had caused on myself with the kind of lifestyle I had chose. I met an old friend who had gone clean and he referred me to a recovery program. I decided to go to the recovery program, but my mission and aim as I went to a recovery program was just to gain the trust of the people I had hurt in the past. Not that I wanted to change. But I remember when I was in the program, a guy by the name of Brian Schuckelton played one of your tapes. It was just for 5 minutes and at the time, I didn’t know who Les Brown is, and the video was one of the matinez videos, no Les Video but the voice spoke with me. I’ve never had anyone speak like that in my life. When I finished the program, I stayed clean for a month and I later went back to my old lifestyle and habits. That’s why I said not that I wanted to change but I was doing it for people’s approval.

One thing that sticker with me from the program, was the voice of a coach and speaker Les Brown. After I had finished with my program, One day as I was busy on the computer in one of the government facilities. I came across this motivational compilation. As I pressed play this voice gave me goosebumps saying “most people are pretending, pretending like we don’t have special goals or ambition in life...” . That was the beginning of a new chapter for me. I started listed to more tapes. You have greatness with you, it’s possible... even tho I was still an addict and I went back to my comfort zone which was the streets, I remember one night sleeping in the park. All the phrases that I use to recite when I was listening to your tapes played in my head. As Les Brown says “despite of the No’s he kept going”

Even tho I’ve never him in person. I have regarded him as a mentor. I’m currently doing talks in schools, churches and different government programs as well. I have found something that I was born for. Speaking is my reason for existence. Helping others overcome. My mission is to be great in helping more people.

Please coach me, I wanna learn and grow. Coaching is not one of the options I have in life. It is thee option for me. I’m passionate about lives.

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