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Client: Roger, Randburg, Gauteng

by Roger
(Randburg )

Greetings, I'm currently a young adult working as a data extractor. I'm transitioning into a entrepreneur but for a long time I've been crippled with information overload and that has lead me to procrastinate even when I know whats needed to be done.

My business concept and work is taking a lot of my time and I also want to improve my spiritual and socail life, I've set a decent foundation in terms of whats needed to be done but neglect being accountable to myself.

I need someone that's willing to be my accountability partner and even life coach just for a short peroid of time just so I get my focus established and start reaching my goals and daily to do list.

I'm open minded and feel I too can add value to your business by offering digital marketing advice and so forth as I'm a little bit well informed and can help find you some business connections according to my abilities.

Thank you

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Apr 05, 2020
Dealing with overwhelm...
by: Melissa

Hi Roger

I would love to have you as a practice client if you're interested? I know how overwhelming it feels to have so much you want to do but to feel like you don't know where to start - so you keep procrastinating. The New Insights programme is fantastic for this as we will work on setting some really amazing goals that are exciting and achievable. Then we'll work together to help you figure out how to achieve those goals and do a whole lot of amazing self-development along the way. If this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact me and I'll send you all the info about becoming a practice client and some more info about myself as well.

Kind regards

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