Client: Shamega Price: Goodwood, Cape Town

Hi there,

I want to do a life-coaching course and I am looking for the right training institution to register with.
I am presently a 2nd year Psychology student, a wife and a mother of a very happy 2 year old boy.
My passion in life is to explore all there is and to be the best you can be and so my biggest passion is that people educating themselves and that people succeed. I am very big on that. Success. For all.

I have one problem though, I just can not quit eating junk. I have been trying for 2 years to lay off or at least reduce the amount of sugar and carb intake, but thus far, no real progress.

I am real with myself, always, and my fear is that although all other aspects of my life works for this life coaching investment as a career, and although I show an extreme go-getter attitude in general, I seem to love junk food too much! How could I be a successful life coach if I can not do something as simple as adhering to my pledge to cut down on sugar??

Please help. If you can do this, then I gain two things 1) I finally have a handle on the sugar addiction 2) I get to see how life coaching works and what it can do 3) I get to see you being all happy about me not being obsessed with sugar.

I am fully aware that if and whomever does assist me, that he/she will be a trainee, and so me to help you

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